Adopting a Retired Military Dog

I see it more and more lately and I just don't understand it. Each time there is a natural disaster people start inquiring about how they can adopt the animals that survived. Yes our hearts can go out to these animals that lived through volcano ash falling around them, tornadoes, Tsunami's, and … [Read more...]

4th Puppy Rescued a Week Later From Storm Drain

  Last week we brought you the story about the puppies who were rescued from a storm drain after heavy rainfall in Corpus Christi, Texas. Everyone including rescuers thought they had gotten all of the puppies out of the storm drain and to safety when nearly a week after rescuers … [Read more...]

Spotlight on Rescue: Tony the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

My name is Tony and I am an adorable 4 yr old Tri colored male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I am very shy & scared right now and will do best in a home with another small dog that can teach me how to play and feel comfortable. I am only 9 little lbs, very cute but need a lot of love, … [Read more...]

Urban Animal Alliance

About Urban Animal Alliance - A Movement, Not A Moment Many of the groups members come from the toughest ghettos in America they have witness first hand the I violent cycle of animal abuse and eventually dog fighting, that has never been properly addressed and that needs to be dealt with … [Read more...]

Why Kick a Gift Horse in the Mouth

What happens when Dr. Marty Becker and the Pet Connection announces a contest that will award $70,000 in prizes split amongst several organizations? 13,000+ people nominate their favorite animal rescue organizations. The 13,000+ nominations were then narrowed down to 50 organizations which were … [Read more...]

Dog Adoption Fee Waived Kent Washington

Regional Animal Services of King County is a joint effort between 26 partnering municipalities (including Kent and Tukwila) and unincorporated King County to advance safety and animal welfare. Due to an influx of recent arrivals at the Kent shelter, RASKC is looking to find good homes for all of its … [Read more...]

#SaleForPets Scentsy Goes to the Dogs

Today kicks off the First ever Online Rummage Sale to Help Pets in need created by the Be the Change for Pets Team at BlogPaws. We have decided that all of our Scentsy Wickless Candle Sales will benefit Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue a rescue that actively seeks out Cavaliers in Puppy Mills in order to … [Read more...]

Meet Allie and Anna

Hi my name is Anna, and I am Allie and we are currently located in Texas. We are litter mates rescued from an Oklahoma Puppy mill by an organization called Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue. The people that rescued us mainly work with mill puppies just like us to help us find loving homes something we … [Read more...]

140 Dogs Need a Home in Hong Kong

Photo courtesy of South China Morning PostSix months ago Hong Kong SPCA along with the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) and the police rescued 140 dogs who were living in horrible conditions stuffed in crates outside with little care or other attention. The dogs were removed … [Read more...]

National Puppy Day

Apparently today is National Puppy Day! Who wouldn't have fun celebrating a day like this. We decided to celebrate the day by introducing you to a Black Puppy who needs a home. Meet Lulu: Flat-Coated Retriever/Border Collie Mix Hi, my name is Lulu! I am a 4 month old Flat Coated Retriever/Border … [Read more...]

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