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The Great Catsby Cats Centric Giveaways

                                               The Great Catsby Giveaway Event hosted by Parsimonious Pash and co-hosted by Bloggity Blog and Saved by Grace!We know that many … [Read more...]

Suffolk Virginia Fire Rescue Save Dog Trapped for 2 Days

Prissy the Sheltie dog was reported missing by its owners Tuesday, Aug. 28. She was later found trapped in an underground pipe. Prissy is an an elderly dog who is suffering from cancer so her disappearance was very alarming to her owners. Tim Kelley with the City of Suffolk says Suffolk Fire and … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your New Dog or Puppy Safe Using a Pet Gate

We often get emails from our readers asking how I keep Davinia and Indiana out of rooms I don't want them to be in or out of the kitchen if I am taking hot food out of the oven, or to keep them away from the stairs when they were puppies. A great solution is to get a Pet Gate sort of like a baby … [Read more...]

Kia Soul Adventure Up Close and Personal with Wildlife

Kia Soul parked on the street. Davinia and Indiana in the back of the Kia Soul getting ready for their adventure. View of the mountain from inside the vehicle. In the mountains. While we were on our adventure we come across 2 momma deer with their babies. One of … [Read more...]

Bloggers with Cats Check out this Event!

The Great Catsby Event created by Parsimonious Posh is going to be a HUGE giveaway!!! Bloggers can sign-up either by paying $2 for two links or by offering a prize to be included in the giveaway! This can be anything that has to do with cats!!! This is going to be THE event for cat lovers … [Read more...]

Join Us On Our Kia Soul Adventure

Can we just say firs off ho much FUN we had test driving the Kia Soul!!! I really love my MINI but if I needed a bigger car this would absolutely be an option. The Kia Soul is fun to drive and handles really well even in the pouring rain. I honestly could not have planned it better. We got to test … [Read more...]

Emergency Microchipping of Dogs Ahead of Hurricane Isaac

Biloxi, Mississippi, residents lined up on Sunday, when it became clear that Hurricane Isaac was going to sideswipe the East Coast of Florida and vent his fury on the Gulf Coast, in order have their dogs micro-chipped at the Humane Society of South Mississippi. The Humane Society of South … [Read more...]

Dora’s Garden

Dora the Explorer is my parent's cat. They sort of inherited her after she had made her rounds getting to know all of the people who live in my parent's community. She went from house to house checking things out who had the best places to sun herself, who gave her the best food, who had dogs or … [Read more...]

What is the Difference Between a Guest Post and a Sponsored Post or Advertisement

As a Blogger whether you blog for fun or blog to occasionally make a few dollars why would you allow a "PR Professional" to market their client to your network for free through a "guest post"? Your time is just as valuable as theirs is if not more -- they need your blog to promote their client not … [Read more...]

End of Season Swim For Dogs

Do you live in a community where they throw a big giant dog party the day before they winterize the swimming pool? Have you ever gotten to take advantage of the swimming day specifically for dogs? If you have never heard of this event in your community now is the time to check the local papers and … [Read more...]

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