Dora’s Garden

Dora's Garden

Dora the Explorer is my parent’s cat. They sort of inherited her after she had made her rounds getting to know all of the people who live in my parent’s community. She went from house to house checking things out who had the best places to sun herself, who gave her the best food, who had dogs or other cats that she disapproved of. After going from house to house for a while my mom got a call asking if they would look after her. My dad of course agreed but being allergic my mom was a little more hesitant. They agreed that she could hang out and at least get some food to eat and shelter from the weather at the top of the mountain with them. Being an outside kitten and seeing no reason to go inside and and cooped up she would spend her days visiting neighbors and coming back to eat the food my dad would leave for her. That was working well until one day she came back from her adventures hence the name Dora the Explorer and she could no longer fit through their porch gate and then knew there was a little problem. So she went to the vet before it became a lot of little problems. Since she was recovering from surgery she needed to be inside and not roaming the woods for special presents to bring home to my parents she had her first taste of indoor living. She got to spend her time inside in the basement watching my dad work. She is now an indoor outdoor cat. When she is outside and not off on an adventure she is watching over her garden.

Since she is so protective of her garden hissing and spitting at Davinia and Indiana when we go to visit and dare venture into her daddy’s garden that I thought it would be fun to do a regular post called Dora’s Garden. We hope you enjoy the pictures of the wildlife we found in her garden yesterday and hope you will come back next week to check out the fruits and vegetables that are growing in Dora’s Garden.

Purple Butterfly

Bug on Leaf

Butterfly on Flower

PS. For full screen view of the garden pictures right click on them!

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  1. Beautiful photographs.

  2. what is the bug in the second photo called? My husband and I were trying to remember because i had one JUMP ON MY HEAD last week and I nearly died lol!!! What is it???

    Love the story behind how Dora came to live with your parents and I LOVE the idea of calling it “Dora’s Garden” quaint and adorable!
    caren gittleman recently posted..How Did YOU Name Your Dog?My Profile

  3. This is so sweet. Great story…and can’t wait to keep up with Dora’s Garden.

    I don’t know what that bug is, BUT if it jumped on my head, I would have had a massive coronary.
    Kristin recently posted..Who do they think I am? The Bloggess?My Profile


  1. […] of the garden and protects it for her daddy. I thought it would be fun to do a regular post called Dora’s Garden. We hope you enjoy the pictures of the fruit and vegetables growing in Dora’s […]

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