Join Us On Our Kia Soul Adventure

Kia Soul from the rear

Can we just say firs off ho much FUN we had test driving the Kia Soul!!! I really love my MINI but if I needed a bigger car this would absolutely be an option. The Kia Soul is fun to drive and handles really well even in the pouring rain. I honestly could not have planned it better. We got to test drive the Kia in the Mountains and in the pouring rain on the highway.

I actually got to drive in the pouring rain a few times. The first two times were on city streets and the last time was on the highway with the entire back of the Kia Soul full of Hot Dogs (thanks to Coleman Natural for the major donation we received this summer). It was the last official day of our Summer Feeding program and we had agreed to bring dinner to the local Elementary School for their Orientation night. The fastest way to get from my office to the Elementary School is to get on the highway for a few exits. But like most highways in the South you don’t stop before getting on the highway you build up speed as you are on the entrance ramp so you can merge in with traffic already on the highway. So I start to accelerate as the rain is pouring down around me and everyone decides the best thing to do is slam on their brakes. In my car I would not have cared but considering this wasn’t my car and we only had it for a week to test drive I really needed to return it in one piece. Well it stopped without an issue and even though I wanted to personally get out of the car and teach everyone else on the road how to drive in the rain I refrained and eventually got where I needed to go.

Patsy Cline

If you remember in our last post about the Mitsubishi Sport I had said that I asked the company that was allowing us to test drive the car if I could keep it a few extra days because my grandmother was coming to visit for her birthday and it would be more comfortable to all get in a bigger car. I was offered the Kia Soul for a week instead and I think it was actually a better size. Plus my grandmother was really impressed with all of the extras that were in the Kia Soul. I was given the top of the line vehicle as my vehicle for the test drive. Real leather seats, GPS that never once accused me of off-roading and actually knew exactly where we were when my dad insisted on taking the back mountain road home from dinner and the theater.

My parents were both impressed with the fact that is knew eactly where we were and when my dad continued to take back mountain roads home it was able to adjust accordingly. The GPS was super easy to program and had plenty of options for helping you to find things nearby when you were in the city. The Kia Soul also had Bluetooth telephone through the radio which I really could get used to. It also had mood lighting which you might think would be distracting at night on dark roads but I completely forgot they were there. So clearly not distracting.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in the back of a Kia Soul

The girls liked the Kia Soul a lot also they were closer to me but fit snug in the back. I was able to have the back seat half up half down with their crate sideways keeping it from flying around. I think their one minor complaint was that there is not air conditioning in the back seat so when we got in the car in the middle of the day I had to crank up the a/c until the car was cooled off. They still had so much fun getting to go on an adventure in the Kia Soul. We absolutely could have fit more dogs in the vehicle and much bigger dogs. I think 2 labs could have easily fit in the back either on the back seats or laying down with the back seats down. I did try to get my parents Husky to jump in but she wasn’t interested.

Join us tomorrow for some amazing Wordless Wednesday pictures we took while on our Kia Soul adventure.

Aside from the use of the vehicle and not needing to fill the gas tank up before turning it back in after a week of driving around I have not been compensated in any way by Kia or the PR company that handles the Press Cars for any of the posts that appear in this series. All opinions are my own and have not been swayed in any form.

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  1. Cool car.

  2. Well, that was fun! (I’m a new follower.)
    McGuffyAnn recently posted..The Age of MiraclesMy Profile

  3. What a great car! Looks like it’s perfect for the dogs to fit in and chill

  4. Sabrina R says:

    We LOVE this car! Super cute and always makes us think of the funny commercials! Much roomier than it looks!

  5. I need a new car – something good for taking the dog to the beach (my main “commute”!). Will have to put one of these on the list to check out!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Monday Mischief: Scavenging!My Profile

  6. They should use Indiana and Davinia in the ads cuz I think they might even be cuter than that car. I have heard a lot of buzz about the Kia Soul it’s interesting to see actual shots and hear your thoughts.
    Still Blonde after all these YEARS recently posted..Blogher 13 Sample Blogger Schedule, Blogher 12 ChicagoMy Profile

  7. It looks like you had so much fun. I haven’t taken my dog out in a while
    Lena – @elenka29 recently posted..Rubbermaid LunchBox Kits – ReviewMy Profile

  8. I’ve heard of some of the new technology features in the Soul. The GPS and Bluetooth would be awesome. We only recently got a car with a cd player, and I thought that was a nice upgrade!
    Rebekah recently posted..Work Out In Style With Body Language SportswearMy Profile

  9. Jenna Wood says:

    I still love that there’s room for a crate back there, and the built in GPS is a necessity for me!

  10. What a cute car…and my favorite color! It looks like it really has more room that what I’ve seen in ads and I love that it has built in GPS!
    Mina Slater recently posted..nuNAAT Ultra Keratin Touch 30 Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing SystemMy Profile


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