How to Keep Your New Dog or Puppy Safe Using a Pet Gate

We often get emails from our readers asking how I keep Davinia and Indiana out of rooms I don’t want them to be in or out of the kitchen if I am taking hot food out of the oven, or to keep them away from the stairs when they were puppies. A great solution is to get a Pet Gate sort of like a baby gate but taller and more stable!

pet gate

Davinia came to us at about 9 months old and the only food she has ever stolen not eaten because it dropped or taken from my hand while she was on my lap but literally jumped on the table and stole was an egg roll. Indiana on the other hand believes all the food in the house belongs to her and so keeping her a safe distance from the hot oven or out of the room when guests are over is something I need to consider not only at holiday time but year round. When they were little we did not have stairs inside of the apartment so I didn’t have to worry about that but they thought the stairs at grandma and grandpa’s house were really fun to run up and down. Not only were the stair uncovered wood so pretty slippery but the door to the bedroom would not stay closed so the girls could just push it open with their noses and grandma does not like them in the bedroom with the white carpet on the floor. There was serious contemplation about getting a pet gate to keep the girls on the main floor of the house. It became a non-issue after being out of the country for a year and then only visiting a few times after that before they moved into a new house.


With Halloween fast approaching and all the little neighborhood kids ringing the doorbell a pet gate would be a great investment as an extra precaution (even if you are planning to have your dog in their crate or in a closed room) for the front door. Some dogs love to see all the action and get to say hello to the kids so an extra tall pet gate that would allow them to say hello to their little friends but keep them safe inside would be perfect. A pet gate a the door would be the perfect solution for Indiana because she would get to see and say hello to everyone. Davinia on the other hand would much prefer to be in the crate in a dark room then handing out candy.

Maybe its your turn to host Thanksgiving and we all know how much tempting food will be cooking for days! Instead of making the dog or cat stay locked in another room or in their crate while you are preparing you can allow them to see you without getting close to the hot oven or get tempted to steal the turkey! Some dogs can easily counter surf and would do so daily this would be Indiana if she were a bigger dog others like Davinia need something really special to want to make the effort. If you are cooking a few tasty morsels of food set aside for your dogs is fine but you don’t want the dog to steal the entire turkey or the new puppy to jump up on someone’s lap in the middle of dinner to get at the mashed potatoes. A pet gate is the perfect solution so that your dog or puppy still thinks they are a part of the festivities without something happening accidentally.

Christmas Tree

After Thanksgiving comes Christmas and no fail someone you know will have their tree pee peed on by the new puppy or used as a scratching post by the cat. Davinia would absolutely fall in the pee pee on the tree category. Davinia will not potty in the house she just doesn’t but bring a potted plant from outside to inside and all bets are off. Remember the trees were out in giant tree farms that were open to wild animals going through and even though the trees were rained on and animal smells washed off so all you smell is the fresh pine scent your dog can still smell them and want to leave their mark. A pet gate is perfect for keeping your pets away from the tree. Don’t blame the new dog or puppy if you catch them peeing on the tree if you didn’t do anything to keep them a safe distance away. Consider this your fair warning.

Remember half of the equation of training your pet and keeping them safe is that you have plans in place to not tempt fate. There are so many situations that even the most well behaved puppy or well trained dog will forget themselves for one second and disaster strikes. If something as simple as a pet gate would keep the dogs and cats in your house safe from disaster its well worth the investment.

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  1. morgan carrico says:

    there great when the dogs dont jump/ climb them my chihuahua climb the baby gat to get to the other side

  2. Not a bad idea but you can also look at training them my dog will not go in the Kitchen if I tell him.

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