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Autistic Boy Denied Service Dog in School

Sean Forsyth, is 8 years old and attend 2nd grade at Wexford Elementary School in Pittsburg. He is not like other children his age though. He has been diagnosed with Autism. To help him cope in the world and become more
Paws 4 Thor

Paws 4 Thor Help Thor Get His Service Dog

Little Thor needs our help to get the Autism Service Dog he so desperately needs in his life. With the help of friends, relatives, and strangers they have already raised the $13,000 necessary to bring a dog from 4 Paws for
Boy and Service Dog Photo Courtesy of Can Do Canines

Autism Service Dog Opens World for Little Boy

One day, when he was 3, the door to Kadin’s Autistic closed world opened just a crack. Nicole Linstrom, Kadin’s occupational therapist, thought a dog might help him pay more attention during therapy and help him improve his skills for life.