Ways to Show Your Dogs You Love Them

Ways to Show Your Dogs You Love Them

Ways to Show Your Dogs You Love Them
Are you looking for ways to show your dogs you love them? These tips are small and easy ways to show your dog he is special, and to thank him for being part of your life! Take a look at how to get started.

1. Bake some homemade treats.
No Bake Peanut Butter Carob Dog Treats
Blueberry Dog Treats
Spinach Oat Treats
Frozen Peach Stick Dog Treats
Baked Zucchini Dog Treats

2. Visit a local dog park. Have some friends meet you there to play.
How to Find the Best Dog Park
Dog Park Etiquette

3. Make him a dog toy. Use an old t-shirt to create a soft tug toy. Just cut into strips and braid.

4. Give him a long brushing. Dogs love a brushing!

5. Take him on a hike. Go in the evening when it is cool and quiet so he can really explore.

6. Treat him to some dog ice cream. There are many dog safe varieties that are so tasty!

7. Blow bubbles. See how much fun your dog has chasing after the flying suds!

8. Give him or her a massage!
Massage Your Dog – For Stress and Pain Relief

9. Wrestle together! This is a great way to bond and let your dog get some good exercise at the same time.

10.Take your dog for a full grooming and pampering. If he enjoys it, take your dog for some pampering at a local groomer.

See how easy it can be to treat your dog and make him feel special? Give these tips a try and show your dog how much he is loved and valued! As you can see, it only takes a minute and it is well worth the effort!

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  1. Great tips. I think we have most of them covered, but I don’t like to be brushed or groomed, never have taken too it for some reason.
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