Homemade Dog Treats – Frozen Peach Sticks

Homemade Dog Treats – Frozen Peach Sticks

Human children enjoy frozen summer treats when the weather heats up, so why not apply the same idea to treating your dogs? These Homemade Dogs Treats are a refreshing and delicious way to reward your pets, who will enjoy them for the interesting texture and sensation of eating something cold plus the sweetness of the peaches!

Homemade Dog Treats Frozen Peach Sticks


Frozen Peach Sticks
Summer will be here soon and that means long hot days playing in the sun. Just like we get hot so do our pets. This summer you can prepare a simple frozen treat made from all natural ingredients to help them cool off and enjoy some season fruit! These frozen peach sticks can be made any size for your special canine family member from itty bitty Chihuahua to giant Newfoundland.
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  • 1 pound fresh or frozen peaches, skins and pits removed
  • 2½ cups water (plus more for corn starch)
  • ⅛ cup corn starch
  • 3 cups oats (plus more for rolling)
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  1. In a sauce pot, heat the peaches and water over medium heat until the water boils. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 30 minutes, or until the peaches have softened.
  2. After the peaches have softened, mash them with a potato masher until smooth and return them to low heat.
  3. Place the corn starch in a separate bowl and add cold water slowly while stirring until just barely dissolved (no more than ¼ cup of water). The mixture will be very dense at the bottom.
  4. Add the cornstarch mixture into the mashed peaches and stir well. The peach mixture should thicken immediately. Add the honey and oats, stirring to combine.
  5. Remove the peach mixture from the heat and refrigerate until cold.
  6. Shape the cold peach mixture into logs, then roll in oats to coat. Freeze to harden the sticks.
Before anyone tells me that peaches are poisonous to dogs please read this!
The actual flesh and skin of a peach is NOT poisonous to dogs. The steam, leaves, and pit are. That is why the recipe tells you to remove the pit and clean the fruit BEFORE you cook it. If you are worried feel free to remove the red part around the pit along with the pit. You will need to use a spoon or cut it out but the rest of the peach is perfectly fine for your pet to receive as a treat.

The health benefits of peaches are equally as good for dogs as they are for people. Peaches are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are also lower in calories compared to other fruit a large peach has fewer than 70 calories and contains 3 grams of fiber! It’s also a good source of vitamins A and C.

Just like with any food or treat moderation is key to keeping your dog healthy and fit so they can enjoy a long happy life with you.

Homemade Dog Treats - Frozen Peach Sticks

Supervise your pets while they eat these homemade dog treats. If you see that your dog has trouble chewing the frozen sticks, let them thaw slightly before handing them out somewhere that you can wash off. These treats will get sticky if they melt so out in the yard or on the porch would be a great spot to enjoy these treats. IF you live in an apartment let your dog enjoy these in the kitchen on a surface that you can wash off or on a towel that you can throw in the washing machine. And yes you could enjoy these treats right along with your dog if you toast the oats before you use them because they wouldn’t taste very good otherwise.

Let us know i the comments if you plan on making these fun Frozen Peach Sticks Homemade Dog Treats for your canine family members!

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  1. Doni thinks they look so yummy *-*
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  2. I have never heard of peach pits being poisonous to dogs, that’s a great thing to know since my puppy gets into everything. She especially loves freezes so making her some of her own with your recipe will be perfect! Thank you!
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  3. Ooooh, my dogs LOVE freezy things so this would be perfect for this summer! Thank you!!
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  4. My dog needs these – he would love them. Thanks so much for linking this up to The Friday Frenzy!

  5. This is perfect! My dogs are going to have to send you a thank you card for all of these recipes!

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  6. What great treats for loved pets.
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  7. Great idea. Thank you for sharing with us @ #HomeMattersParty. We would love to have you again next week.


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