Dog Treats to Help Your Dog Stay Cool

Dog Treats to Help Stay Cool

Dog Treats to Help Your Dog Stay Cool
With the last remains of summer clinging on we need to be sure that we keep ourselves and our dogs cool and hydrated. You will want to be sure you have plenty of cool nutritious treats on hand to beat the heat. Kids aren’t the only ones who love icy treats in the summer, as most dogs are excited to enjoy them too. Take a look below at a few cool treats to beat the heat you can make yourself.

1. Cucumber chunks
Slice cucumbers into cubes or thick slices and freeze them. When you want to cool your dog, simply remove one from the freezer and allow for them to enjoy. Not only is it cool and tasty, but cucumbers have nutrients your dog will devour. The girls like it when I make cucumber infused water for myself and share some with them in a 1 to 1 mix with tap water. They are also very curious about cucumbers when I am eating them and will willingly eat a slice or two as a treat. Since cucumber is cooling without needing to be frozen try offering fresh cut slices first or opting for cucumber infused water in their bowls.

2. Watermelon bites.
You can freeze chunks of watermelon and allow your dog to enjoy them as well. Seedless varieties may work best. They not only taste great, but these watermelon bites are full of water and nutrients that will keep your dog hydrated. Be careful with seeds though.

3. Apricot squares.
Blend some apricots in a blender with a touch of water and pour the mixture into an ice cube tray. When frozen, give to your dog to enjoy. He will love the taste and the apricots can also help soothe an upset tummy.

4. Banana bites
You can freeze pureed banana as well or bananas as a whole for your dog to enjoy. As an extra treat, puree the banana with a little peanut butter for a protein pick me up. Banana seems to be a huge fan favorite among dogs and the addition of peanut butter makes it even better. Check out our frozen banana bites for a really special treat

5. Berry blast.
Any non acidic berries pureed into a mixture and chilled will be delightful to your dog. Try experimenting with various fruits and see how they like them. Davinia and Indiana like blueberries – room temperature, cold, or in treats it doesn’t matter to them. They also like oven dried strawberries I am sure they would like them pureed and frozen but I am not a fan so we rarely have any in the house to experiment with.

6. Living in Georgia a summer would not be considered summer without some fresh Georgia Peaches. The girls and I have shared some peach infused water this summer. If your dogs are a fan of peaches check out our frozen peach sticks. Your dogs will agree that they make excellent dog treats that not only taste great but help them stay cool.

As always, avoid grapes as these can pose dangers to your dog. Acidic fruits are ok in very small quantities but I wouldn’t freeze orange juice and offer a large piece to your dog.

What frozen dog treats do your dogs enjoy?

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  1. We like all those but have never tried apricots! Looks like we’ll be trying something new! Thanks for sharing!
    Miley recently posted..6 Benefits of Hiking with Your DogMy Profile

  2. Great ideas! We haven’t tried the cucumber frozen or watermelon chunks but they do love Greek yogurt mixed with peanut butter (served in a Kong), blueberries, or frozen apple pieces.
    Sarah at recently posted..Carob Pupcakes with Peanut Butter FrostingMy Profile

  3. Some great ideas! I have some frozen watermelon so will try that first but will try them all !
    Kristina & Millie recently posted..Snickerdoodle Sunday #43My Profile

  4. What a great idea! I have a 4 month lab puppy that I know would love the frozen watermelon. Going to try this today! I would love if you would share these treats and anything else you would like, at my new blog party, Celebrate It! It’s all about sharing how we celebrate our everyday lives!

  5. Thanks Felissa! I just love your blog! I can’t wait to give my dogs some watermelon! I don’t know if you remember but I have a cavalier, also. They’re just the best!
    Jody Cowan recently posted..Carrot Cake – Low Calorie – RecipeMy Profile

  6. Oops! I forgot to say I found this on Natasha In Oz Pinterest Party. It’s pinned now.
    Jody Cowan recently posted..10 Of The Best Crafts for KidsMy Profile

  7. Thanks for the tips.
    I froze some pumpkin in an ice cube tray, actually so I can use it in microwave pumpkin oatmeal, but it was so hot I ended up feeding a lot of the cubes to my dog. He takes them outside and licks the frozen pumpkin cubes.
    I will have to try these as well.
    Julie V. recently posted..Garlic Ranch Pizza with BaconMy Profile

  8. Thanks for this. I recently adopted a puppy so these treats will definitely be useful for me during the summer months. #ThrowbackThursdayLP
    Giveaways 4 Mom recently posted..Seven Tips to Repair Summer-Damaged HairMy Profile

  9. What great ideas for Max and his friends! Hope you have a great week and thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with Full Plate Thursday. Your post has been pinned with the party!
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen
    Miz Helen recently posted..Bacon and Greens PastaMy Profile

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