Massage Your Dog – For Stress and Pain Relief

How to Massage Your Dog

Massage Your Dog Stress and Pain Relief

A gentle massage is an excellent way to help your dog relax, reduce stress, pain, and help them feel loved. Anyone can give a dog massage, you just need to know where to apply the pressure. Not only is a massage therapeutic for your dog, but it is a great way to bond with them as well. Massaging your dog is also a great way to be on the lookout for fleas and ticks in the warmer months as well as for finding bumps and scrapes or even injuries your dog might be hiding from you. Dogs are notoriously stoic when in pain and sometimes it is up to us as their owner to know what is going on. Take a peek below at how to massage your dog and provide them with stress and pain relief and some loving that they will adore you for.

Before you begin, create a relaxing environment for your dog. Lay a towel or bedding down for them to rest on. Turn off electronics or anything that may be too stimulating. Some dogs really like classical music and will relax any time they hear it. Lower the lights (when the lights are off your dog goes to sleep). Gently start working your hands over your dog’s fur to make sure he wants a massage. If he lays down, you are all ready to roll. Davinia will accept a massage at almost anytime. Indiana is more stubborn and while she likes to be pet anytime she only wants a massage and belly rub on her terms. It is ideal to do before bedtime to help your dog relax, or to do first thing in the morning to help older dogs warm up and get moving.

1. Head/Neck
Take your palms and gently press them to the side of the dog’s head. Just like you would massage a human’s temples, you are going to do the same for the dog. Go in a gentle, circular motion working the side of the face and moving up to the ears. Apply gentle pressure, praising your dog as you do.

2. Ears
Continue to work around the ears applying soft pressure. If your dog lets you touch his ears, gently knead them between your fingers working your way to the ends. Give a little scratch around the ears for a real relaxing treat.

3. Back
Going in the direction of the fur growth, rub your palms down the dog’s back. Focus your pressure along the spine but not directly on it, moving slowly using one hand over the other for a continuous touch. Scratch down the sides if they allow it.

4. Tail.
Dogs love having their rump massaged! Apply pressure at the hips in a circular motion. Give this area a good scratch as well.

5. Legs.
Move your way down the back legs. Gently grasp the legs in your hands and squeeze. Most dogs do not like their paws touched, so keep your focus just on the legs. A simple squeeze and release motion is perfect. Gently brush their paws once they are completely relaxed. Just a very soft touch on their paw will help them be more relaxed when it is nail clipping time.

Massage your dog every few days.

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