BlogPaws – The Call to Action

BlogPaws – The Call to Action

Over the past few days I have been hearing a lot of chatter about how everyone can keep up the momentum and drive they felt at BlogPaws so I thought I would put together a list of actionable items to give you an idea of where to go from here.

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1. If you are not already be sure to sign up for the Pet Blogger Network (PBN). As a part of the network the BlogPaws Team will help you monetize your Blog.
a. Monetizing means what you want it to mean. It is a relatively passive way to help bring in a few extra dollars. You put a code on your Blog and each time someone visits you make a tiny bit of money. Money you could use to fund some extra dog treats, the early vet visit, your plane ticket to BlogPaws next year, or help pay your bills.
b. You choose what ads you want to run. That means you control the brands you want to help promote. Just let us know and we can make it happen.
c. It is not spam-my to run an ad or two on your Blog. Check out all of the biggest Websites you visit. They all run ads and no one thinks bad of them for doing so. It is how they pay for those amazing sites, the content, and their staff.
d. Unlike other ad networks you have a team of people willing to work with you, help you grow, we will even help you get the code on your site so that you can start to make some money.
e. If you have any questions about the Network, think you signed up but have not received code, not sure what it is or want to learn more – please email me Felissa (@)

2. Halo (yes the pet food company owned by Ellen) is looking for two Adoption Champions. These two people will be paid to help shelters grow their reach, raise more money, and share their stories. If you are serious about helping animals via Social Media this opportunity is for you. Many Bloggers have turned their applications in so far but you never know what you have that other applicants don’t have.
a. In order to be eligible you had to attend BlogPaws – Halo wants someone that knows how to best utilize Social Media and will bring ideas and experience to the table. There will be a team to help you but you need to come into it with a basic understand of how to use various Social Media Tools and be willing to learn even more.
b. You will be paid $2,500 plus a donation of food to your local shelter plus some other great stuff.
c. I wish I was eligible because this is an AMAZING opportunity that I for one would not pass up.
d. I want to help you succeed if you are chosen. Please let me know how I can help you help the animals.

3. If you have an idea connect with other Bloggers to help you turn your idea into reality. I know that it is really hard to go it alone. You are not alone you have an entire community there to support you. Who knows they might even have an idea to make your idea even more viral.

4. Register for BlogPaws 2014
a. If you think you learned a lot this year wait until you see what is in store for you next year!
b. Tickets are going fast and the conference will be sold out. Don’t miss out because you waited until the last minute hoping for a sponsorship, winning a trip to BlogPaws, becoming a POPS team member, or hitting the jackpot in the lottery.
c. If you think you are worth it, want to learn more about Social Media, how to take your blog to the next level, network with other Bloggers and help each other – What are you waiting for? Register right now!

If you missed our BlogPaws Recap Post from Monday make sure to check it out!

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  1. Thank you for this helpful post, Felissa. This was our first BlogPaws! We learned a lot, and had a great time meeting so many of our blogging friends in person. 🙂
    meowmeowmans recently posted..Tabby Girl Tuesday – ShebaMy Profile

  2. This was mom’s first Blogpaws and she has to finish processing that before she moves on to the next one. It was definitely a great experience. She did want me to make 2 suggestions. First, on the name tag things that hang around your neck, make the name and blog bigger so it is easier to spot people and second, maybe have a Blogpaws in the middle of the country so those of us in the midwest could drive rather than being out east or out west. No matter what, it was a great experience!
    emma recently posted..Contemplation | GBGV | Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  3. I registered for BlogPaws 2014 at the conference on Saturday! 🙂 I wish the BlogPaws team would actually bring it to the west coast sometime though seeing as how we always make the trip all of the way to the east coast.


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