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BlogPaws is over! I am not quite sure how I woke up Sunday morning to get to our meetings but somehow I managed. I ish I could sleep the weekend away but firs thing tomorrow we are having a community yard sale and I had the brilliant idea that I should get a table and everything sold at the table would benefit the local Humane Society. It was a great idea but I really wasn’t thinking about how tired I would be and that waking up at 7 am will not exactly be exciting. Hopefully we will raise a bunch of money and make my early alarm worthwhile.

I have received a ton of questions about what people can do now to keep the momentum, power, and drive going now that BlogPaws the Conference is over. That you are looking for a BlogPaws Call to Action. Check out the post and know that I am here for every single pet blogger. I want to help you success in whatever your Blogging Goals are. Have an idea that you would like to brain storm on email me! Want help putting together a Blog Event email me. When one of us succeeds we all do. As Yvonne said during the Opening Ceremony at BlogPaws Success Breeds Success and I am ready to embrace that idea.

Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

1. There was a major tornado in Oklahoma this week. 33,000 people were effected and 13,000 homes were damaged or destroyed in its path. Families are displaced and pets are missing. BlogPaws has teamed up with WorldVet once again to raise money to help animals and their families. For more information visit

2. The second topic I want to touch on is Dog Fighting and trunking specifically. For those who have never heard of this horrible phenomenon it is when two dogs are put in the trunk of a car locked in and driven around until one of them is dead. Sheba’s Life Story had written a post about it and people were slamming her for making up or disseminating something that was not true. Well on Sunday morning along with several other Bloggers they went on a tour of the ASPCA’s Dog Fighting Museum and were able to ask the experts there about the phenomenon. Trunking is in fact something that goes on fairly regularly is brutal and horrible and beyond any logic or reason. You should check out their post

3. Rabies Vaccines. This is a topic that we have covered here on Two Little Cavaliers before it is an old post about the Rabies Challenge Fund and the story about one litle dog. But you really should head on over to Have Dog Will Travel for an in depth look at the side of rabies vaccinations Before anyone starts yelling or getting upset I think dogs should have Rabies Vaccinations but I also know that there are studies going on right now about how long a single vaccination is good for. Until the results are in Davinia and Indiana will receive a 3 year vaccination each time it is due because they do go out and about and travel to different areas and I don’t want them to become rabies positive because they get too close to a wild animal . It is important that we all make informed decisions for our pets.

4. I can’t leave things on a negative note so the second I saw this smiling Cocker Spaniel face so proud that just 2 days after going to the groomer Badger Boo he was fully covered in mud I knew I had to share. Indiana was very mad that Ididn’t let her roll around in the mud after her bath before BlogPaws so we totally get it here. Dirty and smelly is the way to be and its important to make it happen as soon after a bath or grooming as possible. Check out Badger Boo’s happy muddy picture!

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Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

Pet Bloggers Blog Hop
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  1. Thank you for featuring us this week in the Saturday Pet Bloggers Blog Hop.

    Sheba’s life story. recently posted..Therapy dogs at Airports/My Profile

  2. Wow, you’ve been super busy Felissa! Thanks for the great dog info and for hosting the Blog Hop.
    Jane recently posted..May Bark BoxMy Profile

  3. Badger Boo has the right idea, nothing worse than that clean stink after the groomer, I am always searching for some nice stuff to get into right after myself!
    Mom brought back lots of ideas, the first thing we are working on is getting my site moved to self-hosted. Hopefully we can get that done in a week or two and then we can really roll! We have also joined some blog groups for various things and are looking forward to posting with those. If only mom didn’t have her other job we could do so much more but she said we need to make money so she has to keep that job for now!
    emma recently posted..Blogpaws Adventures With Flat Emma | GBGVMy Profile


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