Why Adopt a Rescue Dog

Chandi the Rescue and owner Tina at Britains Got Talent

9 Reasons a Rescue might be a better choice for you and your family then an 8 – 12 week old puppy

  1. Housebroken
  2. Socks with no holes
  3. Sleep
  4. Time to Relax
  5. Less Frequent Vet Visits
  6. No Surprises – size, weight, color
  7. No mouthiness
  8. Perfect Match – you get paired with a dog that fits your lifestyle
  9. Perfect Companion – activity level, personality, likes and dislikes

For more detail about each item on this list visit http://www.utahdobes.org/ten.htm

Not convinced a Rescue will allow you to participate in all the activities you would like to? Check out what Chandi has been able to accomplish and then see if this clip makes you rethink your reasons for not wanting a rescue.

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  1. We rescued our Winston on April 30th and we are thrilled!
    I had wanted a dog for years, seriously looking for 2, and waited until I found the right fit for our family. I new I did not want a puppy because of my work schedule and did not want to saddle Hubby with potty training. When I saw Winston’s ( his name was Hutch) picture on the Colorado Fox terrier rescue site, I fell in love. I could not wait to show Hubby the picture and when I did, he thought he was adorable and we immediately made plans to visit him on Saturday.
    We took Winston home for a weekend visit and the rest is history!

  2. Woops, I knew not new!!!!

  3. Awww that brought tears to my eyes again – such a great rescue dog! BTW you are looking very posh, the site is great! 🙂

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