Get The Water Off Me Video / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

Happy Weekend!  Hope this video called Get the water off me!!! brings a smile to all of you. Meet Mitsy the female fox terrier who has a little ritual she does after a bath. Does your dog have an after bath ritual? Welcome to the new and improved Pet Bloggers Blog Hop … [Read more...]

Dog Playing with Cute Foster Kitten / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

Murkin the Dog plays with his newest foster kittens. They are so cute playing together. Poor Murkin keeps thinking he is going to get attacked by the playful kitten in the background. Pet Bloggers Blog Hop brought to you by Two Little Cavaliers, Life with Dogs, and Confessions of … [Read more...]

Video Puppy Sleeping on Shelf in Kitchen / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

This puppy is absolutely adorable fast asleep on a shelf in the kitchen but doesn't look so comfortable with its head dangling over the edge. The father of the house tries his best to get the puppy to put its head on the shelf and finally after multiple attempts succeeds. What are some crazy … [Read more...]

Chia The Talking Chihuahua / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

For such a cute little girl Chia has a GIANT attitude telling the dog in the backseat to stay away from her mommy and not bark in the car. Chia knows how things should be and she lets everyone know it. Its another edition of Saturday Pet Bloggers Blog Hop brought to you by Two Little … [Read more...]

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