Chia The Talking Chihuahua / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

For such a cute little girl Chia has a GIANT attitude telling the dog in the backseat to stay away from her mommy and not bark in the car. Chia knows how things should be and she lets everyone know it.

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  1. Lisa Taron (Pet Book Lady) says

    Can’t seem to get on the hop tonight. (Getting error message) Will try again tomorrow!

  2. Carrie Boyko says

    It took me exactly 13 tries to get mine to take. I don’t know what’s going on but glad it finally worked. Happy Saturday!

    • That is so odd considering I didn’t have an issue earlier tonight getting it set up and ready to go. Thank you for sticking with it.

  3. Had the same problem, but only took me twice. Glad I got in.
    Oh my! Those are some serious words there! I’ve never heard a dog speak like that before! (I had to turn the sound down so Daisy and Jasper wouldn’t learn any bad words!)

    • I had to turn the volume off when I played it the second time because Davinia started talking back to Chia. She does that pretty often if she hears a dog barkign on the tv she will talk back to it.

  4. I am so excited to be in the United States and participating in the BlogHop! I leave for Peru very shortly for a THREE WEEK veterinary campaign with Veterinary Ventures! I loved this video. Little Chia has some great vocal skills!

  5. Do we agree this is behavior that no one would find cute if it came from a German Shepherd or big dog? 🙂

    Thanks for hosting the blog hop, Felissa!

  6. great way to start a saturday morning!

  7. Chia is adorable! Happy Saturday Hopping!

  8. Chia is cute, but maybe needs to let up on the caffeine!

  9. Wow Chia – you’ve got some attitude. I’m new to the Pet Bloggers Hop and I just found you on it. -Bongo

  10. jada williams says

    UHM, wtf. this is MY DOG? You got this video off of MY youtube. This is NOT your dog! I’M the one that’s barking at Chia! That’s not a dog, it’s me. Idk who “Davinia” is! This is my mom with Chia in her lap, and we’re on the way to Florida from Tennessee in a car. You need to take this video off of your blog because that is NOT YOUR VIDEO, the talking dog “chia” is NOT YOUR DOG, and you’re crazy!

    • If you did not mean for your video to go VIRAL please visit the Youtube privacy policy page to see how to hide your video from search engines and sharing.

      Private video sharing

      We created YouTube to make it easy for people to share their videos with the world. That said, sometimes you may not want everyone to see your video or your channel, and would rather share your work with only a small group of friends or family.

    • You are clearly a danger to yourself on the internet if your understanding of technology is this limited.

      You published a video for public consumption and are beating someone up for sharing it? Please do the rest of us a favor and run away from the internet as fast as is humanly possible…

  11. I understand technology very well actually, I managed to put a youtube video online for people to view? But it seems like your taking credit for a dog that isn’t yours. And if your going to blog about it, atleast get the facts straight. The dog in the back wasn’t barking, that was a HUMAN making dog noises.


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