Eldad Hagar Rescued Dog From Walmart Parking Lot – w/ Amazing Update

Many of you have probably seen this video of the Eldad Hagar rescue this sweet little dog from under a car in a Walmart parking lot. Those familiar with his work this is the kind of thing he routinely does. He goes and get the most difficult cases. He will spend hours working with a dog to get it to … [Read more...]

Kittens Found in Food Bag By Dog Are Doing Well

  Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary's newest residents, Skipper and Tipper, were sealed in a Meow Mix bag and left to die until a dog and his owner discovered them. The dog discovered the bag, carried it home and would not stop whining until his owner opened the bag. The dog's owner could hear … [Read more...]

Husky Dog and Parrot Share Noodles

Its great to have a friend willing help you get to the leftovers that are kept out of your reach. What an amazing friendship. VĂ­deo: Dog and Bird Share Noodles … [Read more...]

Military Reunions with Man’s Best Friend: Dogs Welcoming Home Their Owners from Deployment

  In celebration of Veterans Day, http://WelcomeHomeBlog.com put together this "Best of" video of dogs welcoming home their owners from deployment!     … [Read more...]

French Bull Dog Puppy Playing withToilet Paper

I am sure many of us who love dogs or cats and have ever had a puppy or kitten in the house can say this is a familiar scene. Leave the room and come back to a puppy happily playing with just about the coolest toy ever and so excited to show you their handy work. … [Read more...]

Pedigree Commercial Filmed in Slow Motion

    Just a fun way to end your day. When I saw this video I knew I had to share. Enjoy!       … [Read more...]

The Secret Kitten

A pile of kittens sleeping so peacefully. But wait there is a missing kitten! Where could it be hiding?     … [Read more...]

Cute Great Dane Puppy Loves Bathtime

  Bath time is so much fun for this Great Dane he jumps in the bath all on his own and has a party.       Penny a few weeks later showing us she still loves the bath and it is cause for celebration         Opps maybe a … [Read more...]

Dog Playing with Cute Foster Kitten / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

Murkin the Dog plays with his newest foster kittens. They are so cute playing together. Poor Murkin keeps thinking he is going to get attacked by the playful kitten in the background. Pet Bloggers Blog Hop brought to you by Two Little Cavaliers, Life with Dogs, and Confessions of … [Read more...]

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Beats Up Husky

Indiana and Whisper have become really good friends and love to play now. Whisper is so much bigger then Indiana that she lays down o the floor most of the time when she wants to play and then Indiana can jump all over her. This is a huge improvement over their first meeting where Whisper had her … [Read more...]

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