Eldad Hagar Rescued Dog From Walmart Parking Lot – w/ Amazing Update

Many of you have probably seen this video of the Eldad Hagar rescue this sweet little dog from under a car in a Walmart parking lot. Those familiar with his work this is the kind of thing he routinely does. He goes and get the most difficult cases. He will spend hours working with a dog to get it to trust him before he makes contact and then once he has rescued them he takes them on his laps and cuddles with them until they stop shaking and are calm. If you aren’t familiar with his work go check out his Youtube channel but be sure to have a box of tissues waiting.

This is just one of his rescue stories with a twist that even he didn’t expect.

Little Cora all skin and bone gave birth shortly after she was rescued to 3 puppies. So that day that Eldad spent hours climbing under cars and trying to convince her to come to him he saved not one life but 4. Here is momma with her precious babies. She looks so much more alert and is feeling better.

Cora showing off her babies

Momma sleeping with the babies

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  1. I would’ve never thought 3 puppies could have fit in her tiny body. Eldad does some fantastic work. Thanks for sharing this update!

  2. Wow, that is amazing. A Christmas miracle and god bless this guy for what he does. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  3. Janine Lamarche says

    Does Cora have a forever home yet? How do we go about applying?

    • I don’t know if Cora has a forever home lined up or not. From what I understand Cora and the puppies will be put up for adoption when they are old enough. You can contact Eldad’s Rescue organization (there is information on the video) to find out more about her adoption status.

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