Revitamal Makes Us Feel Like Puppies #AntiAgingPets

Revitamal Makes Us Feel Like Puppies #AntiAgingPets

Revitamal Makes Us Feel Like Puppies #AntiAgingPets

Supplements haven’t really been something that we stick with for long around our house. Sure we see a difference in Davinia and Indiana’s coat if they are on some sort of Omega rich oil but in general other supplements have never given us the wow these are working factor. That was until we were introduced to Revitamal.

Revitamal was not a miracle for us. We didn’t see immediate results after their first dose but within a few days both Davinia and Indiana were becoming more active and alert. Both Davinia and Indiana had recently received a clean bill of Senior Dog Health at the vet – we have the report cards to prove it. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t have aches and pains or didn’t prefer to sleep over a run at the park.

That has changed a bit in the past few weeks. Indiana who has rarely run a step in her life unless of course it was because she heard someone in the kitchen or you called her name and announced it was treat time now steps out the door and will run a lap around the backyard. She had stopped jumping up on the bed because she missed a few times even with the help of a footstool at the end of the bed. Now as long as there is a blanket under the footstool she will jump right up on the bed without invitation.

At the dog park recently Indiana was the more active dog. She ran around the park and played. Not something my lazy little girl has really ever done. Davinia is the one that would run and if Indiana felt like it she might run a step or two and walk the rest of the way or run so that she ran straight into Davinia to get her to stop running. Now Indiana is the instigator. In fact in order to film a video of just Indiana running – one needs proof of these things you know. I called her to me when she was on the other side of the dog park and she came running. Ears flapping in the wind and all! I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t Davinia running instead. Indiana has become a puppy again. Actually she didn’t do much running as a puppy either. So I guess Revitamal has turned over a new leaf for her as an 8 year old dog – she wants to play outside.

What is Revitamal?

Revitamal begins working immediately to restore function, comfort, energy and vitality, while providing high-level protection for your pet.

Revitamal provides unprecedented cell-level protection to pets of all ages, except fish.

Revitamal works by removing toxins and supporting healthy cellular maintenance, making it a “complementary therapy” which can enhance the effects of other treatments, such as prescription medications.

Revitamal is 100% USA Made. All ingredients are USA sourced and even the glass is from the USA. All ingredients exist naturally – NO animal by-products. It is made to human food grade standards.

To learn more about the Science behind Revitamal check out their website.

Davinia having fun at the park

While Indiana’s results so far have been really incredible it is Davinia that I am hoping Revitamal helps the most. You can read Davinia’s story for the details but even all this time later Davinia is still missing muscle and has nerve issues. I did switch their food and they are on a high quality salmon oil which has helped some but can’t really turn back the clock to before she was attacked. I wish that I had Revitamal immediately after to help during the initial healing process. I think she would have healed faster and have less lasting effects. Considering the Emergency Vet literally saved her life and gave her quality not just quantity of life I am not complaining or upset I just think it would have helped. I am very particular about the pictures I share of Davinia especially when she is in motion because she looks like she was doing a mix between running, jumping, hopping, and sprinting as you can see in the image above. She loves to move and is a happy girl so she always has a smile on her face when she is “running” but it is not pretty to see and I tend to delete the photos and videos of her in motion because they make me sad but I thought I would share because no matter what it looks like she does it with a big giant smile on her face.

I don’t have very many pictures of Davinia in motion from the last few years that I share without hesitation which is why I am so excited to share this picture. It looks like she is flying. Sure she is only a few inches off the ground but she looks like she is in motion and everything is moving in the same direction. I know it doesn’t seem like much to you but Davinia is my super hero and my heart dog.

Revitamal Makes Us Feel Like Puppies - Davinia 10 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel #AntiAgingPets

I want to leave Davinia and Indiana on Revitamal to see if on Indiana’s 9th Birthday in September she really is acting like a puppy and if Davinia has really shown progress. I know for Davinia it is going to be slow going and she will have her good days and bad days but we have been having a lot less bad days compared to good ones lately and that is all I can ask for. Davinia’s back leg shakes if she stands still for too long and I would love to see that no longer happen. Would it happen less after 3 months on Revitamal or 6 months or a year I have no idea but I would really like to find out. Her leg shaking doesn’t hurt her but you can tell she doesn’t like it but is stubborn and will not sit down she wants to be up and moving and having fun.

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This post is sponsored by Revitamal and the Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Revitamal, but Two Little Cavaliers only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Revitamal and AdaptoGenerations Inc are not responsible for the content of this article.

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  1. I hope it does help both of your pups,xx Rachel
    speedyrabbit recently posted..Shopping around the world and Bashfuls adventures from the weekend! And Disapproving Bun Day!My Profile

  2. laura veytia says

    I will have to check this out my dog is 11 1/2 years old and she could use this I will check it out hopefully its not too expensive, I already changed her dog food, which I think might be helping her she gets anxiety and I have to buy her a calming collar every 28 days which gets expensive I am on a tight budget. I think the collar has helped her. thank you for the giveaway.

  3. laura veytia says

    I was reading about al the dogs that have been feeling better using Revitamal and there so great stories this might help my dog with her anxiety.

  4. I was a bit disappointed as I didn’t seem much change in Katie after almost 3 weeks and a bottle of Revitamal, but we ordered two more bottles and now after about a month total, she seems to be slowly feeling better. We will keep it up for a few months and see how it goes. The biggest drawback is the small bottle with an 80lb dog. We are hoping this really is the magic we have been praying for!
    Emma recently posted..Enjoy Life’s Moments #FuelTheCureMy Profile

  5. I would love to win a bottle of this for my senior cat Jewel who has severe arthritis. I think it could really help her.
    Fur Everywhere recently posted..Mancat Monday with an Update on JewelMy Profile

  6. Lexie Renollet says

    Would love to try for my 15 year old cat Sammy and my 5 year Bella Shih tzu who has IVDD disc disease in her back

  7. Linda Szymoniak says

    I learned that Revitamal is good for all pets – old, young, and in between.

  8. marian boll says

    My 3 rescue puppies are all over the age of 9 and the male collie is slowing down now. Revitamal would be a great thing for my collie.

  9. It must be so exciting for you to see her acting like a puppy again! I’d love for my sister’s Pug to try this!
    Beth | recently posted..Digging This Style: Made in the USAMy Profile

  10. natalie yeoman says

    i liked that Revitamal brings the benefits of major breakthroughs in cellular aging science to your pet.

  11. alyce poalillo says

    I learned that in addition to cell revitalization , it allows for organ function to become increasingly optimized. This would be a big help to my 16year old kitty Cheddar.

  12. Daniel Scott says

    I learned that the effects continue to improve over time.

  13. I love that it’s safe for all aged pets! A great way to get a jump on healthy dogs!

  14. Their site says that it restores energy metabolism by improving mitochondrial efficiency!
    Totally didn’t know that.

  15. Denise S says

    By providing essential Omega 3 fats required to maintain high-functioning membranes, Revitamal helps powerfully restore function to membranes, allowing these gatekeepers to function optimally, further protecting and enhancing cellular function.

  16. Lori Walker says

    I see taht is has cellular level anti aging.

  17. susan smoaks says

    they have lots of success stories on the site.

  18. I hope I win my parents 14 year old brittany could def use this!!!


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