Organizing For Your Dog Centric Lifestyle

Organizing For Your Dog Centric Lifestyle

Organizing For Your Dog Centric Lifestyle

It happened. Last night when I was at Walmart buying a new vacuum cleaner (because I can’t keep them running for very long unless they are so heavy that to clean one room is an absolute struggle) I decided it was time to clean up the mess. The dog mess that is. Not the muddy paw prints or the dog hair everywhere that it was the new vacuum cleaner is for but honestly if you don’t like paw prints or dog fur don’t come over. In fact you are uninvited and Davinia probably will not like you anyway. If you are allergic but still want to come visit we can try to clean up a bit and the girls an get baths.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Living a Dog Centric Lifestyle I don’t think I will ever get away with not having dog stuff everywhere but the kitchen was getting overtaken by their supplements and something needed to be done.

Until recently they didn’t do supplements. They had their food and treats and maybe something in addition to that if we were in the middle of a review of a product. But nothing that I was purchasing long after the review period was over. With two senior dogs in the house we now have their own pawTree Dog Food Joint Supplements, Salmon Oil, Pro-biotic, and a Super Food Supplement to work in combination with the food for their unique Senior Dog Needs, Revitamal because it seems to really make a difference. With all of these things and an assortment of treats and various other things the kitchen was getting cramped. Drawers were beign filled, baskets overflowing and things everywhere.

Counter full of Dog Products

I could have tidied up the cabinets and given them one or found a home for things in a random drawer so that they could have some drawer space. I have plenty of storage in the house if I need it but I wanted a place that would be theirs. The decision was made when I walked into the college shopping section – think cheapest vacuum because I will be back in a year for a new one anyway and found all of the stacking drawers. I got one and it now has a space of its own and you can barely tell it is there. I do want to lift it up to make the drawers a little higher up and organize the drawers but the only thing in there is dog stuff. Plus there is room for their dog food right on top so everything is in one place. I have decided to call it our doggy corner.

Starting to get organized

To say I have a dog centric lifestyle would be an understatement. As a Dog Blogger and working for the Biggest and Best Pet Blogger Community and Network (in the world) BlogPaws where my job is to create and execute Blogger Opportunities for Pet Brands – we tend to have a lot of dog stuff that needs a home once it is photographed or examined until it is eaten or I decide it is time to round everything up and head to the shelter. Indiana thinks that we have a long way to go on the whole organizing concept but even she approves of the new see through drawers that allows her to see where her treats are when they are not yet in her tummy. She is not convinced but it is easier to sit and stare at her treats this way. I am sure she will approve when supplements are all in one drawer and Dog Treats are all in another with extras in the bottom drawer waiting until we need them.

Organizing For Your Dog Centric Lifestyle Dinner time

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  1. That’s a great idea! Our dining room table is full of dog tarts, products and toys. With my girls heading back to school next week, I am hoping to get all that organized and have my table back. The dogs will be disappointed as they love to walk around the table sniffing all the goodies! 🙂
    Miley recently posted..Celebrating One YearMy Profile

  2. A fab idea. My plan is to have a doggy cupboard under the stairs – if I ever get my house sorted that it!
    Lauranne recently posted..How much would you pay to keep a friend?My Profile

  3. Luckily, we have the basement to keep lots of things, but our problem is cat bro Bert because he steals our stuff. We have to keep food bags locked in a kennel because he eats through them, treats in a drawer and even our medicine has to be locked up as he chews on plastic caps! Cats!
    Emma recently posted..Fit With Friends FunMy Profile

  4. We can definitely relate here! At times I feel there is clutter everywhere! Our entryway also tends to get very messy. Well, I take that back – add our living room and kitchen to that. 10 different bags of treats, toys everywhere…it’s quite comical. You’d think we had a few little kids running around, but nope, just the dogs. Time for me to get organized!
    Sarah at recently posted..Donate to Your Favorite Rescue by Walking Your DogMy Profile


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