Davinia’s Story: 6 Months to the Day

Warning: This is a graphic post and includes x-rays. These are the facts about what happened 6 months ago nothing more nothing less.


My Statement:

At approximately 11pm on December 26, 2009, I took my two dogs, “Davinia” and “Indiana” (both pedigree Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (about 15 lbs. each)), on their leashes for their evening walk.  We live at XXX I made a right turn out of my driveway, heading South.  We walked past about 6 or 7 houses when a very large strange dog appeared from behind a neighbor’s house.

Before I could do anything to react, another dog appeared from nowhere and cornered me and my dogs between them.  We were terrified.  I tried to get my dogs out of the way or pick them up but, before I could do anything, the two of them attacked Davinia.
I cannot possibly tell you exactly how long their attack lasted.  They were at my feet and banging into me.  One of the dogs sank its teeth into the front of Davinia and the other grabbed her back.  My other dog, Indiana, was cowering and tried to run behind me.  The two large dogs were trying to tug Davinia off her leash and away from me.  Davinia was screaming in pain, I was wrapped up in the leashes, swinging, kicking and screaming, but the attacking dogs did not care.
The dogs continued to attack Davinia, constantly trying to pull her away from me.  Davinia at this point went silent.  I managed to pick Indiana up, hoping that the two attacking dogs would not try to get at her, too. My screaming alerted a neighbor, who flashed their front porch lights on and off. Another neighbor arrived home at that moment, got out of his Minivan and ran over screaming to try and scare the dogs away. The dogs finally dropped Davinia into a pool of her own blood and ran off.  Davinia was limp and barely responsive.  The neighbor said he would drive me to the Emergency Animal Hospital with Davinia, and that Indiana could stay with his family.
At this point, a police vehicle arrived.  I quickly told them what happened and whose dogs had attacked us (I realized the two dogs were from the construction site around the corner).  The neighbor drove me back to my house so I could pick up my purse and phone, and we went straight to the Hospital. Davinia’s gums were gray and she was bleeding all over.  She was still conscious but barely responsive.
At the Animal Hospital, the veterinarians and staff spent an hour stabilizing Davinia, conducted three hours of emergency life-saving surgery, and then stitched back together three of her legs. They took x-rays to see what other damage was caused.  Among other things, they told me that Davinia’s pelvis was broken on both sides and fractured in multiple places. She also had muscle loss in both her front and back legs. Davinia’s temperature dropped dangerously low while she was on the operating table, so they had to wake her up from the anesthesia, put her in an oxygen and heating kennel with warming blankets and warm water bottles, and then continue.  Her condition was still critical and unstable.
I finally made it home at about 5:30 in the morning covered in Davinia’s blood, and cried.

These are X-Rays from the first night. You can see the Trach still in. Before they woke her up from Surgery they took complete body X-Rays. You can also see the numerous drains she had to have put in. What the X-rays don’t show is that for every staple there was a stitch somewhere on or inside of her body. You also can’t see the extensive nerve damage or her missing muscle.


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  1. I hope that her recovery is complete. I am sure that she got lots of love from you and Indiana, and that helped her get through it. I like your word with this story, determination. You wonder how anything so little can have so much heart.

  2. How horrible and scary! I must hear how she recovered and if everything healed ok! YOu are going to finish with a part 2 right? Poor Davinia!

  3. Lorie Huston says

    Wow!! Felissa, I can't even begin to imagine how frightening and painful this must have been for all of you. It sounds like Davinia was extremely lucky just to survive the incident. I'm so sorry you and poor little Davinia had to go through this. I'm assuming that Davinia recovered fully from this incident? Either way, it must been a long, hard recovery for her. Poor little thing!

  4. Dog Blogging With Luna says

    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh…… I had no idea!!! How horrible and scarey!!!

    Elizabeth & Luna

  5. What a horrible experience for you and both the girls! I hope that six months later, she's making a full recovery, or getting close. I've heard a lot of stories of greyhound attacks over the years on boards that I belong to, and I try to be prepared so that I could protect my girls if something would ever happen. The truth is, you just don't know until it happens to you. I'm lucky that we live in a small town where I know most of the dogs we encounter on walks. Do you carry anything with you for protection now?

  6. Love My Cavaliers says

    WOW! What a story. That is just awful…very scary. Cavaliers being so placid and such gentle kind dogs. It would be like a lion attacking a helpless little lamb. So very frightening for you and poor little Davinia…did you hear if anything was done about the attacking dogs?

  7. Oh gosh, that's an awful and scary experience for all of you. Poor Davina. I really can't imagine how it could happen to you all. Can't wait to listen to the part 2 of the story.

  8. A MilShelb Mom says

    Oh! Oh no! How absolutely horrible! I cried. We had a similar situation that, thankfully, ended quickly because my husband was with me and was able to scare off the dog and jerk Milly up by her leash and into the air. It was the scariest moment in my life and it does not even begin to compare to yours. I am so glad she is ok. There was also a similar situation in my parent's neighborhood where their elderly neighbor was walking his small dog and was attacked by 4 boxers. He ended up falling over on the dog but that is actually what saved her life. The dog was fine but the man had to go to the hospital. Why can't people keep their dogs in a fence?? Makes me so angry! I agree with Miss Kodee. I'd like to hear about part 2 as well! 🙂
    ~Maggie (MilShelb's Mom)

  9. Maggie Mae says

    What a terrifying experience for all of you. Friends of mine went through the same thing when their mini schnauzer was attacked while on a walk (by 2 black labs). Like Davinina, Sweet Sophie's injuries were horrific but she survived. What a brave little girl you have there! Extra woofs and licks from Maggie Mae today, for Davinia, Indiana and you!

    Maggie Mae's Mom

  10. K9friend says

    What a terrible experience! You must have been scared to death. I hope the owners of the dogs who were allowed to roam free were held responsible for this.


  11. Felissa Hadas says

    We live in a Residential neighborhood and know all of the dogs on the block. The dogs that did this were not anyone's pet they were trained attack dogs. They were hired to be Guard dogs during Christmas Break on a house under construction.

    The owner of the Guard dog company was issued citations by Animal Control but he was allowed to take them back with him because they didn't bite me.

    I tried carrying something for added protection after it happened but it just made me more nervous and scared. So I couldn't do it.

  12. Momo and Pinot says

    We are so sorry to hear such a terrible experience. Poor Davinia!! We really hope Davinia's full recovery.

  13. Anonymous says

    Ohhh my I am just beside myself reading this. My heart was breaking, I was holding my head in disbelief. That poor little Angel Davinia, thank God she is ok and poor Indiana witnessing it and YOU. I can only imagine the sheer terror you felt. I don't know what I would have done and I pray I never have to know. I never, ever thought anything like this could happen. I am so sorry that all of you had to go through this. I am so grateful you are all ok. Much love to all of you. xoxoxo
    Caren Gittleman

  14. Victoria says

    Oh my goodness! What a horrifying nightmare experience! This post actually made me bawl. I hope her recovery is complete, and I'm sorry you had to go through all of that!
    Best wishes-
    V & Riley

  15. What a Horrible Experience for Davinia! Is she Scared of going on walks? I think I would be if that happened to my poor little Friend! I hope the owner of these dogs had to pay for the damage they caused your poor little Davinia.
    Sorry you had to Experience that!

  16. Karissa@Withourbest says

    Yikes. Poor little pooch!! 🙁

  17. I had no idea – and am glad you came out on the winning side of the equation. Did you track down and bludgeon the owner of those 2 dogs? I'd be tempted.

  18. Dog Pack Snacks says

    Thank G-D!! She is ok. The poor baby. Owners need to be more responsible. This should never have happened. Thankfully she had you and Indiana to pull her through.

  19. OMD- I can't believe this. I'm so sorry. 🙁

  20. Wow – that is horrible. I can't imagine seeing my dog get attacked like that. I hope she gets all better.

  21. Kelly Peiffer says

    OMG! I instantly got tears in my eyes when I started reading this! My Rufus was attacked when he was 1 1/2 years old and it was heartwrenching! I am so sorry you had to go thru this horrible attack…and I hope Davinia has recovered both physically and emotionally. 1 1/2 years later, Rufus still has PTSD from the attack. It has gotten better, but has not gone away yet. My heart breaks for you and Davinia.

  22. BJ Pup (Lynda) says

    I can imagine how terrifying that attack was because I had a similar incident, although not as horrific, with BJ. And both dogs were on a leash. I am so sorry this happened to Davina and so happy that she has recovered.

    It may be crass of me, but I hope the construction company paid the vet bill.


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