How Does A Dog Qualify for Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show?

How Does A Dog Qualify for Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show?

How Does A Dog Qualify for Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Of course, everything thinks their dog is a winner. And in your own home and heart, he surely is. But at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, only certain dogs that meet very rigorous qualifications walk away awarded winners. You may have watched this show on television before, and you may have wondered what does it take for a dog to qualify at Westminster. Below, you will find the answer to that very question. Take a look at what exactly it entails for a dog to qualify to compete at Westminster.

1. The dog must be registered.
Dogs must be registered with the American Kennel Club. Not all pedigrees are accepted. Only dogs recognized in the “AKC stud book” are allowed to compete at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. The dog must be one of the accepted/invited breeds. This list changes yearly. Keep your eyes on the American Kennel Club webpage or the Westminster webpage to find out which breeds are being invited this year.

2. The dog must have attained other championships.
All entrants must have completed an AKC show as a champion. If the dog has not yet attained this title, they are unable to compete. This means that the dog has to be familiar with showing and done well enough at multiple events to beat the competition in order to be give the title of Champion. This itself could take months or even years depending on your dog, your breed, and the area of the country that you live in. The picture above is from a Cavalier Specialty Show several years ago. This is just one of the events that you would compete at before considering an entry to Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

5. Complete an entry form.
You can find the entry form for this event on the Westminster Kennel Club Show webpage. Due dates are indicated on the form as are entry fees. The event accepts the first 2,500 who apply. Which is why some breeds have a lot more competitors in the ring compared with others. Yes it is an expensive entry for Westminster but that is not the only cost of showing at this event and so many people who do not live in the tri-state area and don’t think they have a contender for Best of Breed will stay home. Westminster is highly competitive event and the best of the best will be there.

While this list may seem simple, landing a spot in The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is quite coveted and one that many dog handlers and owners dream of. Even if your dog falls into the above categories, you must remember the challenges that will be posed to them once they begin to compete. Such items they will be judged on include: gait, attitude, and physical characteristics such as coat so if your dog in the middle of the winter is not in top physical and mental shape this isn’t the show to bring your dog out to.

Even if you don’t see yourself competing, you can find out all about the show, the breeds, and other fun facts about this event. It is worth taking a peek!

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