How to Save Money on Pet Sitting

How to Save Money on Pet Sitting and Still Work with Someone That You Can Trust with Your Pets!

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No matter how badly you wish you could take your dog wherever you go, the truth is sometimes you need to leave him behind. Whether you need to leave town for a few days or a few weeks, boarding your dog or finding a pet sitter is the best way to make sure he is well cared for and safe. This service can be costly however, and put you in a financial crunch. Instead of going broke because you have to go out of town take a look below at how to save money on pet sitting while still giving your dog the care he deserves and you demand.

How to Save Money on Pet Sitting

How to Save Money on Pet Sitting

1. Plan ahead.
You may be able to save money if you plan your arrangements ahead of time. Boarding facilities or pet sitting services may offer a discount if you plan in advance as opposed to the day before you need them. Planning ahead will also allow you to have the best available care as opposed to whoever might be left.

2. Survey your friends.
Ask your fellow dog loving friends what service they use for pet sitting. If they can recommend a facility or home sitter, you can get a better idea of what other pet parents are paying. They may also know some tricks as far as how to go about getting the best deal.

3. Shop around.
Take some time to shop around and compare services and prices. You want to be sure you are getting a great deal, but you also want to make sure that deal does not come with bare minimal services. Take the time to do your research and ask questions. While some Pet Hotels have a ton of amenities and your vet might be bare bones kennel facilities one has a vet right there in the facility while the other has to call one in or rush your pet to an emergency clinic if something happens. Ask your vet if they work with a boarding facility on a regular basis. While your vet is not on the premises they still have a relationship with your vet and can take your pet there in case of emergency.

4. Watch the clock.
Dropping your pet off at a sitting service or boarding facility may cost less if you do so during business hours as opposed to after hours. Weekdays are typically less than weekends as well. Be mindful of this information and you can easily save some cash. Some facilities do not allow after or before hours pick up which means you could incur an extra day of expenses if you are not careful. I have had family members pick the dogs up from the kennel if i know my plane will not get in before pick up closes. You save on the extra day and your family member only has to watch your dogs for a few hours while you get off the plane and drive home.

5. Train a family member.
If you have a family member who loves dogs, you can always train them to do the pet sitting for you. That way, when you leave you just give them a call and they can make sure your dog has everything he needs. Plus, you pet will be familiar with them which is a bonus!

Leaving your pet behind when you travel does not need to be expensive and stressful. Give these simple tips a try and see what a difference they can make to both you and your dog.

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  1. I’d never heard your “watch the clock” tip of having a friend pick them up during kennel hours if your plane is late; good one. It also made me wonder if I should give a discount if people book with me early. I’d rather not, as I only charge $65 a night (24 hours; I’m live-in). I’m wondering if other pet sitters or owners think that’s an excessive charge for the Washington, D.C., area. The only other thing I would suggest is reading the fine print. Nearly all independent pet sitters charge an extra fee for holidays, taking the dog to the vet or groomer, and giving medications. But I think the most important thing is trust your gut.
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  2. Hi Y’all!

    Great and timely tip.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog
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  3. Jessica Sala-Bonin says

    I’m blessed that my dad lives close and is also willing to come stay at our place while we are out of town and watch our dogs and cats!

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