Your Dog Barks and Cries All Day

Dear Neighbor Your Dog Barks and Cries All Day,

Your Dog Barks All Day

Davinia checking out the crate for the very first time.

Last month while I was sick and out of town I apparently received a new neighbor. One whose dog cries all day long. I am pretty tolerant and figured the dog was just unused to its surroundings. Plus its owners apparently thought it was just fine to walk the dog with no leash which is against the rules here and dangerous for their dog and mine. But that is another post this one is about dogs with separation anxiety.

Separation Anxiety is apparently contagious because I went to leave the house earlier today and Indiana started carrying on like she was being tortured. Since this is not normal behavior for either of my dogs I went back in to check on them to make sure everything was ok. I think the fact that the dog upstairs cries and barks all day coupled with the fact that they both saw and heard me taking out some bog boxes they got upset. So instead of getting reported for barking dogs I decided to take them with me on my errands to show them I wasn’t doing anything special. My first stop was to drop off something at my mother’s office. They stayed in the car while I ran in with the box my mom was in a meeting so I left with the bigger box. But as we were leaving “grandma” saw us and I really wanted the case of dog food out of my car and not in my apartment so I turned around. I took the box out of my trunk and put it in hers. “Grandma” said hello to the girls but they weren’t allowed out to play or say hello (she is a professor and there is a no dogs allowed policy anyway). We left and went to put gas in my car and then I drove them back home. I had a bunch of other errands to run but they could not stay in the car and I don’t think Publix and Best Buy take too kindly to dogs in their stores. I stayed for a few minutes took a few pictures of them and then put them in their crate. They did not make a peep and so I left and they slept.

Of course the dog upstairs was still crying when I got back with them and still making noise when I got back home a few minutes ago. At this point it really is out of control. All the dogs in the building now cry when before I rarely if ever heard them. Half the time I wasn’t sure if the dog across the hall even lived in the apartment on a regular basis. Now I will randomly hear crying from the apartment when I walk by. So not only do I feel it is unfair to just leave your dog without trying to come up with a solution to their separation anxiety but it is unfair to all the other dogs around you who were trained to only bark if there is a problem or possibly someone at the door or walking by the window. Normal things most dogs tend to do whether it is because they think a friend is there and want to play or if they are trying to warn someone not to get any closer. Most dogs are easily distracted from their barking and crying when you leave if you put a plan in place and stick with it when you first get them if you move a few days of reminder training and they should be back to normal.

7 tips for dealing with separation anxiety in your dog or puppy

Your Dog Barks and Cries All Day!

Dear neighbor,
In case you are unaware of this your dog barks and cries all day. Its really not their fault they want to be with you and go where you are going. But we know that you can’t always take your dog everywhere you go. So we thought we would put together a list of a few things you can work on so your dog does not bark and cry all day when you are at work!

1. Crate training your dog really helps. They know they have a special place that is all their own to go and rest. Maybe it has some soft blanket and pillows or some toys to play with or a doll to cuddle with. There is water inside the crate for when they get thirsty and you could even give a small treat when you put them inside.

2. Do not make a big deal of leaving. Make sure all of your stuff is ready to go put your dog in its crate say goodbye and leave. When Indiana was younger they each had their own crates but for years now share a crate when I am away. They rest with each other and keep each other company and that works for us and I know it works for other people as well.

3. Work your way up to staying in the crate for prolonged periods of time. I know most dogs are not like Davinia who ran into the crate I put together for Indiana and didn’t want to come out. Most dogs are like Indiana and are not too excited about the crate at first. Start off by giving them breakfast or dinner in their crate with the door open. Then after a few times do the same with the door closed and then let them out as soon as dinner is over. The next step is to close the crate and walk away whether to another room or to go outside and check the mail. If your dog is fine when you get back you know you are ready to try to go for an hour or two of crate time and before you know it your dog will be an old pro and love their crate running in when you tell them “crate” or “house” and not caring one way or the other if you are going out. I prefer wire crates. We have the puppy version with a front door and a top door and a regular dog version with a front and side door. Though you may prefer a solid plastic crate with air vents on 3 or 4 sides. The ones with the door and then air vents on all sides also happens to be FAA approved for flying. In case that makes a difference for you.

4. If you can’t crate your dog leaving on the tv to a relaxing station or the radio to classical music will help keep your dog calm while you are away. Davinia really likes classical music while Indiana doesn’t really have a preference. Whatever you leave on just make sure that it is not the same type of music you would listen to in the car on a road trip because you don’t want your dogs to get excited.

5. For puppies who have never been away from their mother‘s and siblings before they will miss the warmth and heart beat so a stuffed animal might just not be enough to help calm them yet. An option would be to check out Snuggle Puppies. They come with 2 heat packs that last up to 24 hours exposed to the air or longer if put in a plastic bag when not in use as well as a rhythmic heartbeat. I was walking by a booth at a pet expo and they reach out and handed me one to feel and I thought it was amazing. The warmth was soothing and I know that a young puppy would find the heart beat extremely soothing.

6. Buy a special enrichment toy like a kong, or puzzle that your dog only gets while you are away. This will give a more energetic dog something to do to occupy its time.

7. And this is a really big tip. Go on a long walk or jog before putting your dog in its crate! This will ensure it has gone potty before you leave, will tire them out, and they will want to get in their crate and take a nap from their adventure.

Do you have some tips you think might helps others dealing with separation anxiety with their dog?

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  1. I’ve had good luck with soothing blankets (like infant blankets with heartbeats) in the past! Obviously this is not a good option for dogs who chew or tear things apart when stressed, but under supervision can help teach them to be calm when apart. Thundershirt is also great!

  2. Wish I had a tip for you however I am puppy-less. I will keep this close by however for the day we do decide to adopt a puppy into our family.


  3. I had a rescue dog from Hurricane Andrew and she had major anxiety problems. I started leaving an article of clothing with her that had my scent on it.(something that was headed to the laundry but not washed yet) and that seemed to help her. Loved all your tips and I hope your neighbor is able to help their dog.
    Grace Hodgin recently posted..DuneCraft’s new LED Light Cubes Mini-Meadow Garden or Mini-Cactus GardenMy Profile

  4. Stacey Monroe says

    I used to have a dog that had extreme separation anxiety. He tore up several cushions and destroyed lots of furniture. Then one he stopped. I didn’t do anything differently. To this day I don’t know why he stopped because absolutely nothing changed. I do appreciate the tips in case I ever have this problem again.

  5. This is a great list of suggestions and I do hope your neighbor sees it and puts it to good use (think about slipping one under their door?) There are two Border Terriers next door to us and Gizmo and they do “chat” with each other occasionally. Even if they cannot see each other if Gizmo barks they will “answer” him and vice versa…but this is a matter of only a couple of minutes, and not prolonged, so it’s never been an issue. What you’re describing is not good. It is this type of disturbance that causes rental units to ban pets altogether. I hope that the problem is one that can be solved through education, and not one of neglect by this owner
    Gizmo (@GizmoGeodog) recently posted..SHELTER DRIVE-BY JUST IN TIME!My Profile

  6. Nicole Strunk says

    My dog did that once we moved to a condo and he became the only dog. I had no idea until I started receiving threatening anonymous notes on my door. I tried everything and ended up taking him to day care. We eventually got a cat and we all got used to the condo and he calmed down. I got a citronella spray collar that works very well and we leave the animal planet on TV for them.
    I have recently seen a plug in that is supposed to be soothing and would like to get that as well.

  7. I feel bad for animals that are left all day long and bark nonstop. I like the ideas you posted above. If I learn of anyone how needs to tips I’ll pass your blog post on to them.
    Tiffany C. recently posted..The Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer Pro from Philips NorelcoMy Profile

  8. back when I had a dog and he was just a puppy, I came home at lunch and walked him and we also crated while we were away. Some of my neighbors dropped their dogs at daycare!
    Teresha recently posted..[Guest Post] Green Advent MeditationMy Profile

  9. Pinned your graphic! Great post. I learned a ton.
    Still Blonde after all these YEARS recently posted..$72 Artifact wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  10. I love it. I should be printing this out and giving to my neighbor. She has 3 dogs and do get upset when left home alone DAILY
    Lena recently posted..Loud and Clear with BassBudsMy Profile

  11. all of our pomeranians are crate trained except yipper (she sleeps with me) we rarely breed anymore (work with rescue instead). something we always do when selling or placing a puppy (rescue mommas aren’t always available) is to rub a handtowel all over the momma dog. especially her teats. we seal it in a ziploc and tell the new owners to place it in their puppie’s crate. also, we only sell now by word of mouth, so often the buyer already has one of our pups or will buy 2 for companionship.

  12. I would love to give this to a neighbor of mine, though my husband says it is very inappropriate to comment on their dog. They live across the highway but their dog is chained up outside all day and night. He gets lonely and cries and barks a lot. Great tips.

    • In some cities that is against the city ordinance to have a dog chained 24/7. Please check in to that. People, and I use the term lightly that chain their dogs outside indefinitely should not have dogs!

    • I think that’s illegal. Call animal control on them.

  13. Great post! I did two on separation anxiety because I had it with my first two fur babies. Here are the links if you are interested:

    I hope your neighbors read some of your tips!

    Have a great weekend 🙂
    Laura recently posted..10 Reasons to Adopt BuddyMy Profile

  14. Separation anxiety is one of the situations most pet owners face when having a dog. To address this issue takes commitment and a lot of time.

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  16. Great tips! I am having a horrible time crate training my puppy! I feed her in the crate, praise her, give her treats, basically everything the other sites suggest. The second I close the door when it is bedtime she loses her mind. She will cry and try to dig out for hours. I’ve tried putting her to sleep before and trying to transfer her into the cage. That worked for like 3 seconds. I’ve actually had to put her upstairs because her screaming won’t let us sleep. I know that only makes her more anxious. I need help!

    • How old is your puppy and how long have you had her? If she is really young she probably misses her pack. Try giving her a special baby she can cuddle with. Have you tried some soothing music? Or a warm water bottle wrapped in a soft blanket. Your little one might feel more restful with something warm to cuddle with.

      Is there a reason she has to sleep in a crate? Will she fall asleep on a dog bed that you can have in your room so that she feels closer to you? If she is crated all day while you are at work and only let out for a few hours in the afternoon evening it could just be that she doesn’t want to spend all those hours in the crate because she needs more interaction.

      Good luck!
      Two Little Cavaliers recently posted..How to Prepare Your Dog for the Holidays Part 1My Profile


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