Put Your Dog On a Leash

Dogs must be on a leash

An Open Letter to Dog Owners – Put Your Dog On a Leash!

No I don’t find it funny, cute, or a joke that there are people out there that feel that they do not need to keep their dog on a leash in public. I also could care less if they think the dogs needs to be able to run loose everyday. If they cannot properly exercise their pet they should have thought about that BEFORE they decided to get the dog. If they are too lazy, busy, stressed out or sick to ensure their dog gets proper and safe exercise that does not inhibit others from using public areas to exercise their dogs then they honestly don’t need a dog in the first place.

That might sound harsh and I don’t care if it does.

If you feel that your dog cannot get adequate exercise on a leash, and you are too lazy to find another activity for your dog to do that will allow it to expel its energy, so your idea of making sure they get that exercise is to allow your dog off leash in a public area and then not even have a perfect recall on your dog. Please think for a minute. I am walking out of my apartment and have not even gotten out of the breezeway when you freakout because your dog is loose and make a feeble attempt to call it back to you before it comes chasing after me consider me not a fan. No wait I will go a step further there is a freaking dog park in the complex with is less then a 1/4 of a mile walk from my front door to an area that is completely fenced in for your dog to run free and you couldn’t seem to get there to allow your dog to play then I think you are an idiot.

I don’t care that is was midnight and you didn’t think there would be other people out going for a walk or walking their own dogs. The only excuse you have is that you didn’t think. There is no excuse for lack of thinking and poor judgement. Your poor decisions effect other people. You did not have control of your dog it charged after me and my dogs when all we were doing was walking out of our building to go potty before we went to sleep. Thank goodness your dog was not aggressive and probably only wanted to play but made the appropriate decision after hearing Davinia’s thoughts on the matter and ran in the opposite direction.

I will be lucky if Indiana doesn’t pee in the bed in the next week and if Davinia can get anywhere near another dog without freaking out. I will be lucky if when I get the girls ready tomorrow night to go for a walk that Indiana doesn’t run into another room not to play chase but because she doesn’t want to go out. I can only hope that I don’t become scared of walking outside in the dark and that I feel safe here because I have another 9 months that I have to live here without penalty for breaking my lease and quite frankly I don’t want to be scared of walking outside in the dark ever again.

Tonight marked 2 years and 3 months to the day that Davinia was attacked. The dog charged us probably at the exact minute that Davinia was attacked 2 years and 3 months ago. It was not something I was thinking about when I walked out the door to take them for their night walk. I was actually contemplating writing a post about how exciting it is NOT to be afraid to walk the dogs at night. That it is so freeing to know I don’t have to be scared of disaster and then you because you weren’t thinking decided to let your dog off its leash. What if my dogs were bigger and stronger and because we weren’t expecting your dog to come charge us as we walked out of our building that they pulled so hard and took off after your dog. You would be all upset and up in arms because my dogs went after your dog. But you thought nothing of your dog charging us. Why because you have never seen a dog fight up close and personal or a dog has never attacked your dog to within inches of their life. Then maybe you need to read Davinia’s story details about the night that she was viciously attacked.

This might be private property but I am almost sure that on my lease I had to sign a section that said I would keep my dog on a leash at all times when not in the dog park. Did you think that part was for other people to follow and because your dog needed exercise tonight you chose to ignore it?

There is a reason that you need to keep your dog leashed in public its for the safety and well-being of those around you and your own dog. Put your dog on a leash and leave it on the leash when you are out in public.

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  1. I agree. It can be so traumatizing to a child or even to an adult when a dog is off of its leash. I am personally terrified of random dogs I see running around and we see them all of the time out in the country. I always grab my kids and take them inside. Sad how some people don’t think they should follow the rules!!!

  2. I agree 1000000000%. Nothing makes me angrier than people who blissfully go along and do whatever they want, ignoring the rules. They ruin it for everybody and they just don’t care. That is what angers me the most.

  3. Im on total agreement with you also. Im not a dog person and i dont like the idea of random dogs just being allowed to roam free

  4. Mellissa Hanks says

    As a mommy to 3 doggies and 3 children I agree 100%

  5. Well said-I am SO sick and tired of these off leash dogs. I even unsubscribed from my town’s dog group because they are pro-off leash.

    I get especially angry when I see the missing dogs signs posted. Guess what buddy you should have kept your dog on a leash-ESPECIALLY if she spooks easily!

    Sorry for the caps. I’m just so frustrated with these people!

  6. I am so sorry to have read about the attack on your poor Davinia and now to hear that she has probably been set back again.

    I find myself in a similar situation, although Bella is much bigger than your dogs and probably more capable of taking care of things herself. We have had had multiple run-ins with a neighbor’s dog who is allowed to run loose while we walk Bella on a leash in our own yard.

    There are more and more stories like this ending up on blogs in the pet community. Are things really getting worse or are we just finally getting fed up with irresponsible owners? Thanks for taking a stand.

  7. Yup I agree with you 100% so sorry to hear about the attack and setback. People sometimes Just dont get it!! I hope you gave that person a tongue lashing or 2, perhaps next time a lightbulb might go off and a reminder of the night you let them have it.

    Thanks for sharing the word on dogs and leashes.

    Hope tonight is a much much better night.


  8. I totally agree with you. Our town has a leash law but too many people are either ignorant or think the law doesn’t apply to them. After my son’s dog was mauled by a loose dog last year (“gosh, my dog never did anything like that before”)I started carrying pepper spray when I walk my own dogs. Funny, it’s always the big, aggressive dogs that are off-leash and the owner just stands there and yells while the dog ignores him.

  9. So sorry to read about the attack and the set back 🙁 I agree, even when we take our dog for a walk in the country we put him on a lease.. It really can be for the dogs own safety as well. People are just more important plain and simple, and your precious little ones shouldn’t have to deal with this fear like that.
    Hoping today is better.

  10. I am so sorry that your doggy was attacked. How terrible. I don’t have a dog but I agree with you. It is down right wrong for people to blatantly not follow the rules! I am sorry:(

  11. I know Im probably going to be flamed for this. I do not keep my dogs on leash and I do not go to dog parks anymore. I go to a local park by my house and take my dogs back where no one else is and let them off leash. At this point both of my dogs are performance dogs. I am incapable of exercising one of them on a leash as much as he needs. My smaller one if she is having a day where she is choosing not to listen she does get leashed and she pouts the rest of the time at the park, which is fine with me. Every single time she is off leash I work on her recall and she does know what it means but like I said she doesnt always listen and thats when she gets leashed. Her not listening has 100% to do with some food or something being on the ground that she is interested in and not at all with a person or a dog.
    Both of my dogs understand recall, the little one may not listen necessarily to come back right away but if I tell her to leave something she will. The one that needs the off leash more here is the reason I do not take them to the park is because of the people at the park and their dogs. Our dog park is divided into large and small dog sections. The small dog section is far too small to play fetch in. If I take my extremely fit but total wuss 23 lb dog into the large dog section (He is tall) to play fetch he gets harassed. Its like he emits something that says please come pick on me. The owners of the large dogs do not care that their dogs are harassing/dominating what have you.. my dog. If I see someone with or without a dog in the distance I will call my dogs back either leash them or have them in a down stay to see which direction or what is going on with the dog/person.

    That all being said if someone did request that I leash my dogs and or leave I would totally understand. I have previously consulted with law enforcement in my town and they have told me they would not ticket me or even bother me unless they specifically had a complaint about us and even then they would be more likely to give a warning to someone that shows they can control their dog.

  12. i have neighbors that will not keep their (small) dogs on a leash. the dogs don’t harass us or anything, but it is really rude to let them come up in my yard and do their business or mark the trees. our yard belongs to our dogs, not theirs 🙁

  13. Very well said. I am sorry about your dog getting attacked.

  14. Please Please put your dog on a leash.
    I have dog phobia and a few times, they laugh at me or get mad if i say I’m not comfortable with their dog coming to me.
    even one guy actually told his dog to ‘get’ me. How is that funny?
    I’m a complete stranger. it’s not funny to laugh at somebody’s phobia.

    Yeah it’s nice you love your dogs so much but believe or not, there are people out their who are afraid of them or just hate them.

  15. yes, there are leash laws for a reason. Some people are above all laws as we who follow laws have discovered. I had my Irish Setter and GSD leashed in a public park when an idiot opened his car doors and his two big goldens jumped out and charged across the (unfenced) park and accosted my dogs. He kept yelling this his dogs were friendly. Well, my GSD was fearful of other dogs and I had a hard time keeping her away from these two. He finally got his dogs and we exchanged insults.

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