Judge Suspended Jail Time Gives Animal Abuser Shelter Hours

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Apparently a Maryland judge feels that the best punishment a convicted animal abuser can receive is to work at a shelter for 100 hours. The same man who thought it was ok to duct tape his dog’s mouth to keep it from biting. So what will this man do when faced with potentially aggressive dogs at the shelter those who are upset about their current situation? I don’t see how this is supposed to do anything other then possibly putting other dogs at risk ones who need compassion and love.

The convicted man was originally sentenced to two 90 day jail terms received a suspended sentence to instead be working with at risk animals. The man is also being required to repay the animal hospital that treated his dog in the amount of $1,400.

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  1. Unacceptable, enough said!

  2. While I agree that this is a more justifiable punishment, the man should have had to work those 100 hours with his mouth duct taped.

  3. lol @ Billy

    If somebody is so stressed to duct tape his dog, he might be insensitive to anything. So wonder if any punishment would help at all.

  4. They should duct tape the man’s mouth keeping his wrists handcuffed behind his back. Just to show him how it feels physically without any control & emotionally. Keep him out of the shelter & fine him significantly. If he’s does it again, jail him with a possible felony level (in animal abuse) & with a bigger fine.

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