Where’s Kapone – Help Find Dog Lost by Memphis Animal Shelter

Memphis animal control officer and convicted felon, Demetria Hogan, remained on the run late Tuesday, July 12, 2011, hours after being charged in connection with a missing 11-year-old pit bull named Kapone. Brooke Shoup last saw Kapone, and her other dog, Jersey, on June 24th. Shoup says she came home to find both dogs had escaped from the backyard of her Cordova home.

It is suspected that Kapone was sold to a dog fighting ring by Demetria Hogan the animal control officer who picked him up. They believe Kapone who is 11 years old and lived a life full of love and care might have been sold as a bait dog . What they do know is that he never arrived at the shelter with Jersey his brother and workers have no record other then he was picked up. Police who have been investigating the case for the past three weeks have now received a warrent for her arrest. Hogan is being charged with 2 counts of animal Cruelty but police need help locating her because she is on the run. The shelter suspended her with pay and the next thing anyone knows is that she is missing. But she should have been fired a long time ago.  In May 2010, Shelter Advisory Board members told us Hogan had a history of not showing up for court, causing animal cruelty cases to be thrown out. How was she allowed to stay on when she did not take her job seriously. Unless of course she was being paid by those committing these crimes to not appear and then an investigation should have taken place last year so this could have never happened.

The shelter has no answers for Kapone’s family or answers for the police investigating. The family is asking for your help in trying to find out where Kapone is or what happened to him.

Kapone is a loving, sweet family dog that went missing June 24, 2011. Kapone was picked up by Memphis Animal shelter along with the other family dog Jersey. The next morning (less then 24 hours) the owner showed up at the shelter to take her dogs home and only one dog, Jersey could be found. Please help find Kapone.

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  1. What a horribly sad story. To think, Kapone was loved and wanted. Only to be taken and sold and is now in pain….or worse.

    I hope they find this evil shelter worker. And I hope the family of Kapone sues the shelter and the city. You cannot hire and KEEP workers like this! There are thousands and thousands of people who want an honest job! Why in the world would they keep her!

    Painter Pack

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