Miracle Dog Survives 25 Days without Food and Water

Beemer being cared for by the vet

Beemer the Six month old puppy was locked in a third story bathroom in the bathtub of a home that was abandoned he was left no food or water. He was found by a crew of construction workers after what vets believe could have been 25 days alone. The puppy now called Beemer is under the care of a Veterinarian and his bills are being paid for by Dogs Unlimited Rescue which has already paid almost $4,000 for his care. Beemer weights all of 15lbs at the moment when a dog his size should weigh about 30lbs. There is now a police investigation surrounding his abandonment and hopefully answers will be found soon.

Beemer will need a lot of love and care for the weeks and months to come. But thanks to the construction crew who found him and called authorities for help he is now going on short walks, wagging his tail, and is doing as well as can be expected.

“It’s a miracle, I really don’t have a scientific explanation,” said Dr. William Mandel Beemer’s veterinarian. “By all logical reasoning, this dog should not be alive.”

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