Fukushima No-Entry Zone Still Home to Hundreds of Dogs

The Fukushima prefectural government and the Environment Ministry in Japan have been trying to capture hundreds of  dogs still believed to be living  in the 20 kilometer no-entry zone around Fukushima.  Information has now been made available of how many registered dogs 5,800 were living in the … [Read more...]

It is Time to Respect the Japanese People

(Associated Press)I know all of you have been following the developing stories from Japan since the Earthquake and Tsunami devastated parts of the country on March 11, 2011.We can all be armchair activists. However, before you sign the petitions, before you denounce what is or is not being done, you … [Read more...]

Japan is Sending Veterinarians Into Exclusion Zone

Following a strong local request to allow people to move their livestock out of the evacuation area, the government is making arrangements to conduct blanket testing of cows and other domestic animals. In a Breaking News Update the Japanese Government will be sending a team of veterinarians into … [Read more...]

Thank You Japanese Animal Rescues

(Suki Tam)When I saw this picture this morning I knew I wanted to pass it along in the hope that everyone who is Rescuing Animals and People in Japan get a chance to see it. A huge debt of gratitude goes out to all of the organizations who are helping reunite animals and their owners in Japan as … [Read more...]

Nun Helps Animals in Disasters

Rescuing a dog in Japan (Kinship Circle)Sister Michael Marie spent close to two weeks in Japan following the devastating Earthquake and Tsunami on March 11. She was there to help pet owners and farm owners cope and find hope amid the despair. Before joining the convent she was a veterinary … [Read more...]

Kinship Circle in Japan The Facts

(Kinship Circle)Kinship Circle reached out to me to ask if I would spotlight their organization in the hopes that it would bring in more donations to help them rescue and offer assistance to as many animals in Japan as possible. I agreed to spotlight their work in Japan if I could find out as much … [Read more...]

Police Dogs Missing in Fukushima

Benji (JEARS)Update from JEARS: As we were driving through an abandoned area around Fukushima we saw a dog wandering down the street. Unsure of where he was headed we slowed down and stopped. He glanced over at us and continued on his way. We were close enough to notice a cut over his swollen … [Read more...]

Japan’s Heavy Hearted Farmers

A lot of people have been spending way too much time degrading the farmers who were forced to flee their farms in the Exclusion Zone in Japan. Finger pointing, demands, going so far as to petition the government to created a law to prosecute them for leaving their animals behind. Yes if the … [Read more...]

Yakuza Helping People and Animals

Yakuza Woman full body tattoosThis is a story I have been following for some time since I learned that some of the rescue groups going into the Exclusion Zone are from the Yakuza. Literally the Japanese Mafia. The truth was that the first time I heard their name in association with a rescued dog I … [Read more...]

The Tsunami Engulfing Minamisanriku WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC

http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/8vZR0Rq1Rfw?fs=1&hl=en_US … [Read more...]

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