HH Backer Christmas Show

HH Backer Chirstmas Show … [Read more...]

Pet Bloggers Market Research

Trip to the store is a Pet Bloggers Market Research time I had to find a new dress for the Jewish Holidays so last week I went to the Mall to check out what was available. There were a few dressed I liked but nothing that I was in love with for any number of reasons. I did find a shirt I liked … [Read more...]

Blogs to Riches Club VIP Membership Giveaway

Would you like to be a part of the exclusive inner circle of an exclusive group of bloggers blogging their way to the very top? Blogs To Riches Club is having a grand opening party and you're invited! Hosted by Giveaway Promote. Sponsored by Mompreneur Mogul. Come and see what all the … [Read more...]

Looking for Book Reviewers Life Happens / College Happens

Life Happens College Happens Book Tour! If you have a Blog and children between the ages of 16 - 25 this Review and Giveaway Opportunity is for YOU! Life Happens Yes, you’ll learn a lot of things as you make your way through college. But you won’t get the kind of education you need to … [Read more...]

What is the Difference Between a Guest Post and a Sponsored Post or Advertisement

As a Blogger whether you blog for fun or blog to occasionally make a few dollars why would you allow a "PR Professional" to market their client to your network for free through a "guest post"? Your time is just as valuable as theirs is if not more -- they need your blog to promote their client not … [Read more...]

Video Pet Interviews – Guinea Pig

Here is another video from our friends at Pets Add Life (PAL) and the American Pet Products Association (APPA) showing why its so important for your pet to have a friend at home when you are at work and out of the house all day. Out of all of their videos this is my favorite so far by far. Its cute … [Read more...]

Weekly Blogging Tips: Engage with a Community

As a blogger a big part of your blog is feeling like you have an audience. This audience doesn't necessarily have to be 50 comments per post or 5,000 views of that post only you can know what your goal is or your mini steps along the way to your goal. Maybe you don't have a set number in your mind … [Read more...]

Weekly Blogging Tips: Staying Creative

This week for our weekly blogging tips we are going to tackle Blogging burn out. Now that you have a blog set up and you have been blogging for a while there comes a time when you think to yourself what am I going to post about today? How can I switch it up to get my readers re-engaged? How can … [Read more...]

Nose to Nose BlogPaws Awards

BlogPaws “Nose-to-Nose” Social Media Pet Blogging Awards, 2012! Nominations are open now! - and close May 6th at 11:59pm MT. Bloggers may nominate themselves or another pet blogger or microblogger in the following categories: Best Blog Design: judged on overall design elements of the blog … [Read more...]

Weekly Blogging Tips: SEO Over Optimization

Everyone always has questions about how to create content so that more people will see it and visit their blog. For years industry insiders have been pushing SEO and even saying that if you don't use Black Hat SEO Techniques your websites will never go anywhere. In fact you might have even received … [Read more...]

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