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If you have a Blog and children between the ages of 16 – 25 this Review and Giveaway Opportunity is for YOU!

Life Happens Mitchell D Weiss

Life Happens
Yes, you’ll learn a lot of things as you make your way through college. But you won’t get the kind of education you need to take control of your financial life. Written by a financial industry insider Mitchell Weiss a college professor and a parent of two children who’ve successfully made the transition from college to career, Life Happens delivers straight talk on student loans and mortgage loans, debit cards and credit cards, apartment leases and auto leases, cash management, career planning, and more.

The book is presented in more of a conversation form giving real life examples from his own life along with his children’s lives, tons and tons of links to sources to help you and your young adult find the answers you need to help ensure their future is not bogged down with debt. It is not a dry textbook that can only be understood by industry insiders. The author speaks in every day language and gives you answers, ideas, and solutions to real life financial situations which you and your child will soon be or are currently facing.

College Happens

College Happens
When it comes to financing higher education, Mitchell Weiss has walked the talk. He put himself through college and grad school, and has helped his own two kids do the same. And, just as he did for his first book, Life Happens, Mitch draws the material for College Happens from his university courses, writings and the lectures he gives around the country. He’s also incorporated dozens of links to informative and helpful articles, government and non-profit websites as well as financial calculators.

So, if you’re trying to figure out how in the world you’re going to pay for school, pick up a copy of College Happens. You’ll save time, tears, and about a year’s worth of cost!

It will take some time to read the book or go through the book with your young adult but the time spent doing so will help ensure that your child understands basic financial decisions and sets themselves up by making the right choices for living a debt free life. Your readers, followers, and fans will thank you for showing them that there is a resource out there to help them figure out college loans, buying their first car, credit cards how they should and should not be used, and how deal with applying for a home mortgage as well as helping to teach you to know if you are making the right financial decisions.

If chosen you will be given 2 weeks to read the books and get your post ready to go live (don’t worry no one expects you to become an expert just more educated about finance and how to make better financial choices). We are looking to start the tour ASAP as students are now back in High School getting ready to start their college planning and college students are back in school and looking forward to graduation. These are the books that schools should include as a part of their curriculum but aren’t and are leaving students lost and scared when it comes to making the right decisions.

If these books are of interest to you and you have a blog or a friend who would allow you to create a guest post for to go along with a Giveaway after reading the books you can sign up using this form. sign up for Life Happens / College Happens Book Tour

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  1. I have 4 kids in College Right now, it’s JUST nuts. Any book to help me figure out the best ways to pay is just awesome!
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  2. Thanks I applied! My daughter is a sophomore in college this year!
    Ellen Christian recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – With Linky!My Profile

  3. Wow – these look like great books. I used to work as a recruiter for a college and the prices really are astronomical! I’ll be looking into these are my own boys get older.
    Jeannette recently posted..Making Football Season Memorable with a Snickers Minis Football Cake Recipe #SnickersMinis #CBiasMy Profile

  4. That is awesome. Those look like such great books!!!
    Melissa recently posted..Have you traveled to the Mississippi Gulf Coast?My Profile

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