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Davinia and indiana Side by Side

This Blog Post has been a long time coming and so has our new outlook of Cavaliers and Fairies. I hope that by finally writing it I can look at Two Little Cavaliers the Blog as a place I want to come and interact with all of you and not just put content out there hoping for the best. Things are going to be more heartfelt but at the same time we are going to be going to the beat of our own drum. We hope that you will embrace the new us in fact if you have been following us on Instagram for the past few months you are already embracing the new us! Cavaliers and Fairies ok not just fairies but I wanted to come up with something that would work for Senior Cavaliers and touch our followers. I wanted something that would allow us to share that Purebred Dogs can and do live to a healthy old age when they come from Reputable and Ethical Breeders that care for the continuing health and wellness of the breed. At the same time all dogs need love and care so while I want to help Cavaliers stay healthy I want to help all dogs stay as healthy as possible and that includes keeping their owners happy and healthy!

Cavaliers and Fairies

Part of that is having a happy indoor and outdoor environment for you and your dogs to enjoy. We are currently working on that part personally. Don’t get me wrong Davinia and Indiana love our house but a split level house having to go up and down the stairs in order to get into the yard really instead working for us anymore. It’s not that Davinia and Indiana can’t do the stairs it is more that they scare me when they take off at a sprint down the stairs or stand near the edge. It freaks me out how close Davinia comes on a regular basis to looking like she is about to fall down the stairs because she steps a little too close to the edge. Which brings me to the idea of Fairies and other mythological creatures that keep an eye on house and home and garden and forest. I call Davinia and Indiana my little lady bugs. For those of you with Cavaliers you know that their personalities are so loving – they love with their entire being and their heart literally breaks if you don’t love them back.

I miss writing on our Blog on a regular basis but I have had what I guess you could say is writers block. In order to get over that hump I need to make some changes that many of our really long time readers have been asking for since the beginning. We are going to embrace the cute. Our Blog did not start out the way most Pet Blogs start their journey. It wasn’t a way for me to share cute pictures or the funny antics of Davinia and Indiana. Two Little Cavaliers was not about connecting with other pet people it was a place for me while Davinia was recovering. It was a place for me to come to get away from the day to day of Davinia’s pain and the traumatic events that lead to her long recovery.

Somehow during those initial few months I was asked to go to BlogPaws as a Sponsored Blogger on behalf of a brand and things just spiraled from there. Eventually Davinia was as back to normal as she was going to get but I wasn’t in a place where embracing their cute or talking about lemon drops and gum drops (over the years we have been asked why we wrote about heavy hitting topics instead of embracing how cute Davinia and Indiana are) was something I could do. I opted to share news and information about dogs and their owners from around the world. It worked for us at least until I had to work full time. I would get into the office early so that I could promote content and run home to create more content in order to keep up. Thank goodness there was a 6 month time frame around that craziness because there was no way I could have lasted like that for much longer. Plus, Davinia and Indiana were full on protesting by the end of the 6 months and something was going to have to give.

Two Little Cavaliers morphed again to sharing information about keeping your dog’s safe and healthy but that never really felt like us. Not because we don’t want to help you keep your dog safe and healthy but because everyone else was doing it too. But I was at a loss for what I wanted to do that was unique and special for us. I truly hope I have finally found that special place and that the content I create and share with you resonates. To that end we will only be sharing things that we use or do in our lives currently or in the case of food have used in the past with good results. However that would be really limiting even though it feels like due to Miss picky pants Davinia and sensitive stomach Indiana that we have tried them all we will also share things for you as the pet person that we hope you love and feel a connection with. There will be a mix of fun, serious, cute, and informative posts coming your way. I promise!

PS. We promise to share our Cavaliers and Fairies sign more often (we have full instructions coming soon on how to make your own!) along with all of the places that our fairies hang out or visit with us. Our fairies might even take trips to visit you so that you can feel more connected and participate in the fun. Actually we have bags an bags of fun props to include in posts and have made a sneak appearance on our Two Little Cavaliers Instagram Account.

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  1. I’ve been following you for as long as I’ve been blogging! I love your blog.

  2. Mom always says change is good, everyone starts blogging for their own reasons, and how you continue to do it is always a difficult decision. We wish you good luck in whatever you try to do. Love Dolly

  3. Sometimes one needs to change it up. We have been wondering where you were. For us, the reason we blog keeps changing slightly, but it feels right every time we change a bit. Some day that block will hit, but we hope it won’t hit for a very long time. We hope you find your “spot” and can happily continue doing what you want to be doing.

  4. I can’t wait to see what direction you choose to go – I’m sure whatever you choose to do, it will be great! 🙂

  5. Can’t wait to see where you go with this,xx Rachel and SPeedy

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