Probiotics + Cavalier King Charles Spaniels #BayerExpertCare

Probiotics + Cavalier King Charles Spaniels #BayerExpertCare

Probiotics + Cavalier King Charles Spaniels #BayerExpertCare

Cavaliers love with every ounce of their little bodies. They love so hard and so deeply that they are very sensitive to change. That doesn’t mean that they can’t deal with change in fact small changes to their routine are important for their overall well-being. Cavaliers thrive on meeting new people and going new places. Davinia and Indiana love people of all sizes from infant to 99+ they don’t discriminate. Their little hearts love everyone but their little tummies are more discriminating ad having probiotics on hand is a must especially when Cavaliers are young. Going new places often means different water filtration and processing which is a huge cause of upset tummy. “They” say to bring or buy bottled water but that isn’t always possible or practical. Plus, Davinia and Indiana have never come across a puddle they didn’t want to drink from the exception being those in our own backyard because that means their tummy is going to get wet and the ground is squishy ;).

Now that the girls are older I know the foods that set Indiana’s tummy off so we either avoid them altogether or limit the amount of the item and how often she has it. Cavaliers have sensitive tummies there are no two ways about it and probiotics are a great way to help them get more in balance.

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There are other things that Probiotics help with in fact these other wellness issues is the real reason why I wanted to tackle this specific Blog Post even though it was not on my original list of 3. In all honesty it should have been because it ties our first three posts together into a series instead of 3 Bayer® ExpertCareTM Line products every Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owning household should not be without. That is really my fault because when Indiana was younger Probiotics had a regular place on the counter next to their food. But it was the questions I received about how to deal with tear staining after writing our post about Eye Care and Keeping a Cavaliers Eyes Bright that I knew I had to follow up.

Probiotics + Cavalier King Charles Spaniels #BayerExpertCare

Every morning and sometimes at night as well I remove their eye boogers (sorry there is no better word because dirt doesn’t really tell the story) and once in a while I need to use a tissue to dry their eyes. We now add Bayer ExpertCare Lubricant Eye Drops into the mix every week or two but that really completes our regular routine. If we are traveling and I notice tear stains starting I will use a warm wet washcloth to wash around their eyes and a dry one to ensure that the area is completely dry and that generally stops the situation. But if you don’t stop it at its source it can become a chronic situation.

I do know that many Cavaliers do suffer from Tear Staining. There are a lot of reasons this might be happening so it is something that you should bring up with your vet especially if this is a regular and chronic situation. However if it is a once in a while occurrence or you have already spoken with your vet a good solution or option is to use Probiotics to try and clear it up. The tears themselves can be normal and nothing to worry about but constant wet eyes creates the same type of environment as a Cavaliers floppy ears! Hello yeast and bacteria. Just like with the silly tummy (upset tummy) situation in Cavaliers probiotics can help your Cavalier with their eye stains and general ear health.

Bayer ExpertCare Probiotic Soft Chews are a daily source of probiotics and prebiotics specially formulated to help maintain proper gastrointestinal microflora growth and support your Cavalier’s digestive and overall health which when taken over time helps to balance ear and eye health too! ExpertCare Probiotic Soft Chews contain live microorganisms and can be used daily to help maintain proper gastrointestinal microflora growth and support your dog’s digestive health. These Probiotic Soft Chews can also be used during times of stress including traveling, kenneling or training, and after antibiotic therapy, de-worming and digestive disorders. If tear staining and chronic unhealthy ears cleared up from topical product use only you probably could have cleared the tear staining with a wet washcloth used daily or regular ear cleanings with a cotton pad and Bayer ExpertCare Ear Wash like we talk about in our post Cavaliers Need Ear Care Inside and Out. Sometimes your Cavalier just need more and if that help comes in the form of a soft chew that is supposed to taste like chicken liver your picky baby might just agree to eat it! Of course my picky eaters might like a peanut butter flavored chew better but it is still worlds better than opening a capsule and dumping it on their food like I used to do on a regular basis. Indiana would eat this in a heart beat.

PS. Since starting this series back in November we have noticed some of the items flying off the shelves stores across the country. If you don’t see the item you are looking for ask the store manager if they can get it in for you or you can always order it online at! We ordered online to ensure we could get the product I wanted to use for this series all at one time. We made it super simple to do too! Check out the image of Indiana above and hover over the numbers you can see the item pop up and can order them directly!

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    The probiotics sound great. I think it’s a great decision!

  2. My daughter has been using the Bayer pet care products for her dogs and really likes them. One of her dogs has a sensitive tummy so she loves the probiotics.

  3. This sounds like a great choice for your pet. I have not heard of this for pets before, interesting to read!

  4. Catherine S says

    This sounds like a great product line. I will share this with family and friends that have pets.

  5. I really like that these probiotics are soft chews. That makes it much easier on the dogs and their owners. Bayer Expert Care is an awesome line.

  6. My brother just got his second dog, and I’ll have to tell him about these Bayer pet care products. Sounds like they are really great.

  7. I love seeing well known brands expand into the pet care industry. Our pit bull/boxer mix suffers from occasional dry spots, so the moisturizer would be wonderful for him.
    Marcie W. recently posted..Candace’s Corner – Parent’s Choice Formula Offers Babies A Safe And Nutritious Feeding Option + Giveaway (2/7)My Profile

  8. Your dog looks so healthy! You clearly take good care and I appreciate the recommendations.

  9. I had no idea probiotics were for dogs, too. Looks like Bayer has some great products!

  10. Eye boogers, lol. That is a funny name to call them.

    • I’m going to ask my sister in law if she’s ried probiotics. I know she has them for her child, but I don’t know about her pup.

  11. Lol, I call them eye boogers too! What else are they called?!
    Amy @ Marvelous Mommy recently posted..5 Creative Valentines You’ll Love | Create Link InspireMy Profile

  12. It sounds like you’re doing a great job taking care of all of their needs. I need to add probiotics to our regular care routine.

  13. Ever since I saw them in Sex and the City, I’ve wanted one. Thanks for the reminder, I may have to look into it.

  14. What’s good for us is good for our dogs (well, most of the time anyway). Doggy probiotics seems like a no brainer! 🙂
    Mike recently posted..Why Does My Cat Pee Outside the Litter Box?My Profile

  15. I just recently started testing probiotic supplements on myself, I never thought about Dogs needing them too but it totally makes sense!
    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly recently posted..Need Ideas for Valentine’s Day? Top Ten Things To Do in BrandyWine Valley @visitbrandywine #TravelTuesday #BVFoodieMy Profile

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