Shine Bright Like a Diamond #BayerExpertCare

Shine Bright Like a Diamond #BayerExpertCare Eye Lubricant Helps Keeps Eyes Healthy!

Shine Bright Like a Diamond #BayerExpertCare Eye Lubricant Drops

Davinia and Indiana are Senior Dogs well into their golden years where they enjoy a nice soft bed to rest in about as much as they like being out in the yard or exploring the world. The one thing they are great at and have always had a problem because of? Getting stuff in their eyes. As much as they think they are big dogs they clearly are not. Their compact little bodies while exactly within breed standard are low to the ground. That and the fact that they are always tracking a scent or smelling the roses (Indiana loves to smell the flowers) their eyes are at the perfect height to end up with dirt, dust, pollen, and small scratches from doing what they like to do best.

In the past I would just wipe their eyes after a visit outside but now that they are older I have noticed that things that would not have been an issue when they were younger can stick around for a while. While any scratch to their eyes obviously means a trip to the Vet and trust me we have had a number of those over the years. It used to be that unless it was a bad scratch the situation would clear up before we got through one tube of medication. This last time we weren’t as lucky and it involved multiple visits and scar tissue that didn’t want to go away on its own so quickly. Davinia no longer needed an antibiotic the wound was closed she needed something to keep her eye lubricated and clean so that the healing could take place naturally.

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Shopping at PetSmart for #BayerExpertCare Products

In the past that meant going to the drug store and picking up a bottle of eye wash formulated for people not dogs but I always worried. What if there is something in these not quite formulated as best as it could be for Davinia and Indiana? There must be something that I can pick up to have around that is formulated with dogs in mind. There is! The makers of the Bayer® ExpertCareTM Line created a product called Eye Lubricant Drops formulated specifically for your dogs and found exclusively at PetSmart Stores and It Lubricates the eye surface and helps minimize dryness! Perfect! Plus it comes in a tiny little bottle that is perfect for infrequent use though probably lasts several weeks with daily use. The small bottle makes me happy because even though I could pick up a few to have around in the medicine cabinet because they are dated good for several years I know I will go through the bottle well before its expiration date. Don’t be fooled by the box on the store shelf this is not a tube of heavy gel lubricant.

For conditions where eye lubrication and moistening may be of benefit i dogs, as recommended by your Veterinarian

That is something else that makes me happy. I didn’t want and generally don’t need something heavy for their eyes. I want something that will keep the girls eyes healthy and allow them to shine bright like diamonds for many years to come.

While the bottle is shaped like an eye drop the product inside is a sterile water wash the product itself is more a mix between a wash and a gel. You do have to squeeze a it harder then you would have thought to get the drop or two to come out. One drop is the perfect amount to lubricate Davinia or Indiana’s eye and they don’t do the wink-y blink-y thing once the lubricant is in their eye. They do shine bright and healthy looking. You can tell the eye is wet but that it does not bother them at all. That means I can use this product as often as necessary (up to twice a day) or only when necessary once or twice a week.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond #BayerExpertCare for Eyes

Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

Indiana has something (her lipid duct got injured at some point and doesn’t drain normally) on her eyelid which I am sure brushes against her eye. It is under Veterinary supervision and as long as I can keep it under control there is nothing they want to do about it. I can and do keep it under control but when I have to go out of town for work it ends up building up instead of draining on its own or getting drained manually. I am really excited to see what the Bayer ExpertCare Eye Lubricant Drops can do for her while i am gone. It’s not like I can ask someone to manually do what needs to be done when it builds up but I can ask them to give her drops twice in a 5 day period to help keep it moist and draining on its own. Since purchasing the drops I have used them 3 times for both girls and I can tell it has made a major difference for Indiana and her lipid situation. I know that this is the answer to keeping her eyes healthier.

#BayerExpertCare Eye Lubricat Drops

Helps maintain a normal, healthy environment of the eye surface to support lubrication and hydration of the eye and to help minimize potential dryness and irritation.

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  1. Thank you so much for the advice. Our Cavalier is still young, but I am sure this will be on the horizon for us in short order – he is already having to have knee surgery next week. He’s a clown, but such a sweetheart!

  2. I have a poodle mix, and her eyes have not been an issue, but she gets hot spots. The Bayer products have made keeping her skin healthy a lot easier. Great product line! I’m a thankful dog-mom.

  3. What beautiful dogs! Our Max is a big dog and his eyes are fine now, but it’s great to have this info just in case. I love shopping at Pet Smart.

  4. Those are such gorgeous dogs! We don’t have a dog yet, but my kids have been definitely asking for one soon. Hopefully, we’ll get a Lab soon!

  5. Aw, your puppies are SO cute! We had a cavalier growing up, Toby… he was the best and sweetest dog ever! I begged for a cav when we were looking for a dog, but my husband is highly allergic to pet dander, so we ended up with a cockapoo, who doesn’t shed. She’s awesome too 🙂

  6. Your dogs are beautiful! I didn’t know they made doggy eye drops! Thanks for the tip!

  7. We don’t have pets because of various family allergies, but this is great information. Your dogs are adorable by the way.

  8. How can you say no to those beautiful bright puppy eyes? Growing up my grandpa’s dog was blind and had hearing issues. I never thought about dogs getting their eyes checked or having eye issues until then.
    Mimi Green recently posted..Kicking … and taking names. Hello 2016My Profile

  9. Lovely tips. Though I have an allergy your puppies make me wanna have one!

  10. Your dogs are so stinking cute!!! I am so glad I saw this today as we recently took our dog in to the vet for her red eye issue and she was prescribed a lubricant for her dry eyes. I will have to check this brand out next time I am in PetSmart!
    Vicki recently posted..Click n’ Play Doll Toys for 18″ DollsMy Profile

  11. aww! i couldnt stop looking at their little sweet faces! i found this article helpful

  12. They are so beautiful! We don’t have dogs, we have cats…but eye care is something I never really thought about. Great to know this care exists!
    Heather | All Roads Lead to the Kitchen recently posted..The Restaurant Critic’s Wife | Book Tour + GiveawayMy Profile

  13. Our senior Yorkie gets ‘eye gunk’ bad! We are constantly cleaning his eyes out with a warm clothe but we have never used a solution before. We will have to try this out!! Your fur-babies are so cute, I would’ve never guessed that they are senior dogs.

  14. We don’t have pets but your puppies are SO cute! I never thought about dogs getting their eyes checked.

  15. i dont have any pets, but yours are sooo dang cute. this is a very interesting write up. my brother always keeps a pet and i am going to ask him if he thought about getting their eyes checked. thanks so much for the share.

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