Natural Balance Offers A Huge Selection #PetSmartStory

PetSmart Natural Balance Launch Disclosure

Cavalier eating a Natural Balance Roll

Natural Balance® offers a huge selections of dog and cat options from Grain Free, to Limited Ingredients, to Weight Loss Natural Balance has you and your pet covered whether you are looking for kibble, cans, pouches, treats, or training goodies. Davinia and Indiana have always been in LOVE with Natural Balance Rolls. They are great as a treat, can be used for training, and can even be used as a meal all on their own. There is a feeding guide on the packaging to help you figure out how much your dog needs if you are going to use the roll as meal. They crumble easily which is great for puppies going to puppy class, a dog that is recovering from surgery, or a senior dog who might be missing a few teeth. We have used them all 3 ways – as a training treat, after surgery to get Davinia to start eating again, and as a meal during recovery. The fact that they are now available at PetSmart® is a huge win in our book!

Natural Balance Offers A Huge Selection #PetSmartStory

PetSmart is the closest full service Pet Store near us and if you checked out our post a few weeks ago called Finally Natural Balance Available at PetSmart you will know that “near us” is a relative term. That means it is a really big deal that they now carry our favorite treat and I know we will be picking more up every time we drop by for a visit. Check out the PetSmart store finder to locate the store nearest you!

Natural Balance Rolls Make Us Go Crazy!

While I was trying to take pictures of the girls love of these Rolls they literally both jumped right up on the table! What was supposed to be a party became more of a free for all that is how much they like these Rolls. They cannot help themselves and go crazy. I decided since I wasn’t getting the pictures I wanted that I would at least get video evidence of what took place.

Natural Balance Offers A Huge Selection

Natural Balance Rolls aren’t the only Natural Balance product that you can find at PetSmart for your dog. We also picked up a bag of Limited Ingredient Treats! Another hit in this house. Though these can actually be used to remember our manners and the girls will sit and stay and all of the things they are supposed to do in order to get one of these treats. I was really excited to find them in small breed size because they are the right size right out of the bag. They seem to come in many flavors that would make a great companion treat item to their Limited Ingredient Food Options.

Last year we share with you the relaunch of the Original Ultra Whole Body Health from Natural Balance. This is a line of food that promotes Healthy Dogs From The Inside Out. One of the biggest features of this production is the fact that it focuses on Nutrition Playing a Key Role In Cognitive Health of Dogs. We love that PetSmart now offers this high quality premium dog food because cognitive health is so important to overall health and well-being!

Whatever Natural Balance products you pick up for your dog don’t forget to offer unlimited amounts of water! When you eat on the table you mine as well own it and drink on the table too.

Oh and don’t forget to pick up some Natural Balance for your cat(s) too!
Natural Balance For Cats

What is your dog or cat’s favorite product Natural Balance offers?

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  1. I was just in PetSmart the other day and saw signs all around for Natural Balance Dog Food–they even gave me a coupon at checkout for the dog variety–Problem–I have a cat. I haven’t seen Natural Balance for Cats but they have recently moved everything around so I will as them next shopping trip.
    Michele recently posted..Sunday Stroll Giveaway Linky 8/30-9/6My Profile

  2. My babies love the Natural Balance Platefulls. I need to get more of these for them.
    Mykidsguide recently posted..3 Ways To Wear A Striped Tee: Remix Your Wardrobe!My Profile

  3. OH my seriously one of the cutest puppies I have seen. Don’t have pets yet but always looking for good tips.

  4. I think having grain free dog food is an excellent idea- I can’t imagine all the cereals being very good for htem.

  5. Elizabeth O. says

    Aww looks like she really loves it. This is great for pups that need an extra boost of nutrition. Thanks!

  6. I wanted to have a little cute puppy, but I don’t had. Your puppy is really cute. Thanks for idea I could prefer this in my friends.
    Nikki recently posted..Get Your Finicky Dog Digging In With Purina #AlpoMealHelpersMy Profile

  7. Your puppies is so gorgeous! LOL, it sounds like they really liked the rolls. This looks like some tasty food for doggies.

  8. having a huge variety of foods for pet are heaven for them. I know a friend who might love to see this.

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