Finally Natural Balance Available at PetSmart #PetSmartStory

Finally Natural Balance Is Available at PetSmart

PetSmart Natural Balance Launch Disclosure

Our Natural Balance® #PetSmartStory is a little bit different than most other stories being shared for the Natural Balance launch at PetSmart®. It’s different because of the trek that we make in order to get to the closest PetSmart 32.4 miles in each direction (there is actually one a few miles closer if we want to go to South Carolina). It’s not exactly around the corner. Mix in the heat of the Georgia summer and summer rain plans easily come undone. That all said the Gainesville, Georgia location of PetSmart is the friendliest, most well stocked, most nonjudgmental Pet Store in that entire distance. They really do have an unparalleled selection of quality Pet Products and each time we go into the store they figure out how to add even more incredible items.

Indiana with her Favorite Flavor Of Natural Balance LID #PetSmartStory

You want help finding the right Natural Balance product for your dog or cat the associates there will help you. You heard that Natural Balance has great products but your small or large breed dog needs a smaller or larger kibble size? No problem they will help you find it in the flavor your pet loves. They will share feeding instructions and ideas or tips to help fussy eaters and most important if you bring your pet into the store they will fawn all over them. The associates always want to know if we need help finding anything and even when I go with a specific list we always add to it in the store and “find” more than I went in for especially hen I have the dogs with me. I guess the answer to did I find everything I was looking for should be can you help me un-find the things I wasn’t looking for?

Finally Natural Balance Available at PetSmart #PetSmartStory

Just Arrived at PetSmart Natural Balance for Dogs and Cats #PetSmartStory

It makes us so excited that our local PetSmart now has a huge assortment of Natural Balance products that Davinia and Indiana love. Plus some new ones that we had no idea existed like the Limited Ingredient Diet has a line of LIT Treats in small breed size! We couldn’t wait to get home so we did some taste testing in the store. They loved the Sweet Potato and Fish grain free treats. You can check out the short video to see what they thought.

Davinia has a very special relationship with Natural Balance Rolls. You can read Davinia’s Story to learn more about it but it was the only thing she would and maybe could eat for a while. Natural Balance was also Davinia and Indiana’s first Limited Ingredient Food. They loved it because each time I bought a new bag it was generally different flavor. It has been a while since we had access to Natural Balance in such assortment and there are so many new Premium Pet Food options for Dogs and Cats that we are going to have to learn more about them no to see if they have a senior formula that might work for us!

Natural Balance for Cats

Natural Balance for Cats is available at PetSmart #PetSmartStory

Speaking of Cats we ventured to the other side of the store to check out the selection of Natural Balance products available for cats. We thought it would be nice to leave a few Natural Balance rolls on the shelves for other dogs who might like to them or want to try them. But we also thought it was important to see what they have for the kitty’s like Dora who love to eat yummy food. We picked her up a few different flavors of wet food to bribe her to be nice to Davinia and Indiana when they stay at grandma and grandpa’s later this week. We know it is all an act but Davinia and Indiana really want to be her friend which she of course wants none of. What we found on the shelves was so exciting. A Pet Food Brand that acknowledges that kitties like Dora do like Vegetables! Dora has a long list of vegetables that she enjoys hot out of the oven they can be plain with no sauce she still begs at the dinner table for them. She even has her own chair at the dinner table so that she can eat her fresh vegetables. They also had a bunch of different options in dry food for cats.

In our PetSmartCart to pick up Natural Balance

64.8 miles and two very happy Cavalier King Charles Spaniels we are home getting ready for bed but not before one more Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Treat. Don’t judge! Hanging out at PetSmart in the #PetSmartCart smiling for the camera is hard work!

What is your #PetSmartStory?

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  1. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if we didn’t have a PetSmart close to home! We rely on PetSmart so much for our pet needs. We also love our PetSmart outings with the dogs! Your video is so adorable. I’m sure Indiana and Davinia look forward to their trips to PetSmart and treats right in their carts! Great post!

  2. Your dogs steal my heart every time I see them! They are just too precious! And I’m going to be checking out Natural Balance on my visit to PetSmart for our dog later this week!
    Jeannette recently posted..Easy Lunchbox Ideas that Kids Will LoveMy Profile

  3. Your dogs are so adorable! They make perfect mascots for Natural Balance.
    We love Natural Balance and PetSmart too. It’s my cocker spaniel’s favorite food and I love knowing that he’s eating well. I didn’t realize Natural Balance had a wet cat food – I’m going to have visit PetSmart to pick some up for our kitty, Josie!

  4. Jenna Wood says

    I could’ve sworn I’ve bought Natural Balance at our local PetSmart before? In any case, I’m glad they’ll be carrying it universally and with such a wide range!

  5. Your pets are adorable!!I love that Pet Smart lets the pets go in the store. Natural balance sounds like a great line of pet food for any pet!

  6. Oh my goodness what an adorable duo! Looks like they like going to Petsmart!

  7. Your pups are just way too cute. I need to shop at Petsmart more so I can bring mine along!

  8. Your pups are too cute! I love shopping at PetSmart, they have so many awesome products.

  9. I heard about Natural Balance, but we have not tried it, yet. I will get this on my next trip to PetSmart.
    Mykidsguide recently posted..Awards and Nominations for Pretty Little LiarsMy Profile

  10. OMGosh! They are so stinkin’ cute. I definitely need to start shopping at PetSmart, I just wish it was closer.
    Ty @ Mama of 3 Munchkins recently posted..Blendin’ It Up with Hamilton BeachMy Profile

  11. It is so important to feed your pets love a quality product like this

  12. We need a Dexter and the girls meetup at PetSmart. He can push the cart while they stock up on Natural Balance!
    Carol Bryant recently posted..10 Reasons Your Dog Needs to Go to Stores #PetSmartStoryMy Profile

    • I just started my cavaliers on natural balance L.I.D. They love it! Plus their poop is super easy to pick up now. High protein foods did not agree with them.

      • High protein foods did not agree with Indiana when she was younger either. People would run around and say meat not wheat and I would say great are you paying for the Vet bills when she gets pancreatitis again? IN her old age things have gotten so much better and she does well with protein in moderation. Natural Balance really made a difference for us when nothing else seemed to work. Plus I could rotate protein options as long as I didn’t pick beef. Good luck!

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