#JusticeforCookie Cavalier Mix Killed By 10 Year Old Boy

#JusticeforCookie Cavalier Mix Killed By 10 Year Old Boy

Earlier this week a friend posted pictures of the most adorable Cavalier Mix named Cookie. I was immediately drawn in by his adorable face and angelic look. I wish the story ended there of a friend sharing a picture of a new dog or showing off an adorable new dog friend. But that wasn’t it at all.

Picture of Cookie

Cookie was minding his own business playing in his yard when a young boy opened her gate and lured him out of her yard. Not to play or try to take him home or anything else a misguided little boy might do that was infatuated with a little dog. This little boy snapped. In fact it is hard to call him a little boy after what he did to Cookie but my intention is not to call on a mob to burn his house down or kill him or his parents. This 11 year old is in need of psychological help in the most desperate way possible.

Cookie was beaten to death with a stick. A necropsy has been done and it has been determined that Cookie’s skull was crushed and his spinal cord severed. This wasn’t a case of a little boy getting too rough with a little dog or any number of other things that might come to mind with a happy well adjusted little boy that made a mistake. This 10 year old killed Cookie and lied about it after the fact and his parents are lying for him now too. They claim that he was attacked by Cookie.

10 year old vs 15 lb dog.

The other half of the stick used to beat Cookie to death was found in Cookie’s own yard.

This little boy does not need special classes or a second chance. He needs to be sent to a mental institution. He doesn’t need a lenient legal system he needs one that will get him the help he needs because there is no way his parents didn’t suspect something was wrong. I have been trying to wrap my head around this and just can’t.


The person who shared the information on Facebook was Cookie’s foster daddy 5 years ago. He has pictures posted of Cookie with his own dogs that I have met. He has a picture of Cookie in his car with his other dogs going with him to work. I cannot imagine the pain, and hurt, and anger felt right now by Cookie’s mom or her former foster dad or any of the number of people that have met Cookie over the years.

According to news reports out of Texas this morning the boy that killed Cookie will be charged reports are inconsistent at this time as to what the charges will be and if he will be charged as a minor or an adult. I have been told by a reliable source that the charges will be brought today.

Sign the Petition asking for #JusticeforCookie http://www.petitionhub.org/Justice-For-Cookie-Destroyed-By-A-11-Year-Old-Who-Cracked-His-Skull-and-Severed-His-Spine-t-1880

What can you do to help?
Cookies former Foster Daddy and Cookie’s Mommy ask that you share Cookie’s Story and ask for #JusticeforCookie.

Image of Cookie courtesy of Jennifer Knittel and Ron Sturgeon

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    OMG I am practically in tears right now. How could anyone, let alone a child, do something so horrific?

  2. This turns my stomach. The fact that he killed that poor, sweet dog is horrible enough, but how could any parent protect their child after they did something like that? They should be the first ones lining up to get that kid some help.

  3. Oh this is just terrible! That innocent sweet dog, it just makes me sick what some people do… It is just so sad.
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  4. I am in shock that anyone could abuse this little angel. This child is mentally disturbed and needs severe help!

  5. I will admit that I did not make it through the entire post because I am ultra sensitive about these types of tragedies. Any person, regardless of age, that would intentionally hurt an animal deserves the worst type of punishment.

  6. Oh no! This makes my skin crawl. His parents are not doing any justice for their child if they don’t pursue charges and force him into help. Murder is murder and it definitely was. I tried to sign the petition but getting errors. Can you let me know when its available to sign. I am excited that I will meet you at Blog Paws.
    Laura (Lauras Little House Tips) recently posted..Homemade Maraschino Cherry FrostingMy Profile

  7. Oh my goodness, this totally disgusts me. I can’t stand that things like this happen.

  8. This is horrible!! I can’t imagine someone doing this to an animal especially a child of this age.
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  9. Everycat says

    I would guess that the parents are covering up for their child because they know exactly why that child is so angry & traumatised that he brutally killed Cookie. This behaviour in humans doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, every single animal abuser is harbouring some kind of trauma inside that has been suppressed.

    This violence against animals is the biggest flag you can fly to highlight a child who has been or is being abused.

    It’s an abominable thing that kid did. He needs removing from his parents and away from society. Sadly, psychiatry is so misguided he won’t get the kind of therapy that will de-traumatise and heal him

    Whatever happens, it won’t bring poor little Cookie back

    RIP Cookie, innocent little sweetheart xx

  10. What a poor sweetheart! There definitely needs to be justice for Cookie!

  11. Animal cruelty and abuse has to start somewhere. It’s sad when it is a child this young 🙁 My heart goes out to Cookie’s loyal owner and friend!

  12. So sad, what a truly sad story. My heart breaks for little Cookie.

  13. I am sorry but I can’t even read. Breaks my heart.
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  14. I read about this last week. So heartbreaking! This kid clearly needs help. As a psych major I could go on and on about what may be wrong with the boy, but he just clearly needs help. He won’t simply stop, it’s not a phase.
    The poor dog.
    Has there been any updates as to the boys charges?

  15. SarahJane says

    The link between child brutality to animals and adult serial killers has long been established. So this child is on a path that has been well trodden. He needs to be locked up and treated, because at ten, he is a danger not just to animals but possibly also to other children. This kind of thing is why my pets are never outside on their own out of my sight. The world has become a lot more dangerous a place, people’s motivations and behaviour are more out of control. Casual brutality is everywhere and I simply cannot afford to take the chance that some random evil person will come along and attempt to harm them.

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