How to Keep Your Dog Warm in The Winter

How to Keep Your Dog Warm in The Winter

Keeping Pets Warm

Keeping Your Pets Warm Event Hosted by Davinia and Indiana of Two Little Cavaliers

Hello it’s the Two Little Cavaliers Davinia and Indiana and we are here to talk to you about how much we hate being cold! We bet a lot of your dogs are not fans either.

Sure it is fun to play in the yard or go for a walk in the mountains when it is cooler out but some of our friends live in such cold places that they could freeze just walking out the door. That is exactly how we feel when it is 36 degrees and raining out -like we might freeze where we stand. That is why we having an understanding with mommy about how winter works around here. When the temperature drops below 65 we get to have our fleece blankets for sleeping on and as the temperatures drops from there we can tell mommy to cover us up. Now that we live in Georgia mommy will not let us have our pajamos (yes that is what we call them because they make us Oh so comfy!) on until the temperatures drop into the 30’s. She says it has to do with the fact that if we use them too soon we will be really sad when the temperature is barely in the double digits.

Here is our list of 5 Ways on How to Keep Your Dog Warm in The Winter!

How to Keep Your Dog Warm in The Winter buy fleece fabric
1. Tell your mommy or daddy to take a trip to your local fabric store and buy fleece fabric!
Mommy says one visit to a real fabric store will last a few years because you are leaving the fabric as is so it make it really easy to throw in the washing machine and dryer when necessary. If like mommy you are under a self imposed ban from the fabric store you can order online. You can even check out the sale or clearance section because it really doesn’t matter what design is on the fabric as long as you are ok with it. Make sure you buy a big enough piece or pieces that it or they can be multifunctional! Don’t worry about not having a sewing machine or time to make anything with the fleece, you don’t need to be crafty or anything! Your new fleece can now serve as a blanket, or pillow, or bed and can be moved around the house or taken with you on adventures as necessary. Sometimes if it is big enough it can be a bed, pillow, and blanket all at the same time! <-- We like doing that and bet your dog will too!

How to Keep Your Dog Warm in The Winter Make a Cave
2. Make a cave out of your crate!
In the summer we like the flow through ventilation but in the winter we love it when mommy drapes a piece of our fleece over our crate. It make it nice and warm and dark in there. Grandpa taught us that trick! This is why you need a nice big of piece of fleece because it needs to cover 3 sides of the crate all the way to the floor. If your dog doesn’t like the cover directly on them but you know they are cold this is a great way to help get them warmed up. It also puts a piece of your fleece out of commission as a blanket or bed or pillow so make sure you have enough!

How to Keep Your Dog Warm in The Winter Use your mommy or daddy to keep warm
3. Use your mommy or daddy to keep warm!
Use your mommy or daddy’s head to keep warm. We know that sounds weird but sleeping on their pillow above their head will keep you nice and warm. You might be able to convince them to use some of that fleece as a blanket on top of the pillow so that you can cozy up in in to keep extra warm. We have heard from some big dog friends that their mommy and daddy’s feet are nice and warm to cuddle with so we guess you could try that too. You can also crawl under your mommy’ or daddy’s covers but we usually reserve that for nap time because it makes us too hot if we stay under there for a long period of time. If however you live in a really cold place that might be a nice thing to do.

How to Keep Your Dog Warm in The Winter Get a heating blanket
4. Get a heating blanket
Dora grandma and grandpa’s C.A.T said we had to include this one. She isn’t really the nicest cat and doesn’t want to be friends with us but mommy things she is right. Dora likes to play outside and pretty much has an entire mountain to herself ok not to herself but you get the idea. 3 Seasons a year Miss Dora goes outside in the morning and only comes home for treats and dinnertime. She doesn’t like the cold either and would rather stay inside and sleep in a sun spot unless everyone is going for a walk then she will go along with everyone. Yep she will walk all the way down the mountain and back home with you if she wants to. Anyway, Grandpa has a heating blanket on his side of the bed and for tv time Dora is allowed in their room. She completely ignores grandma’s side of the bed and makes herself a nice spot on grandpa’s side on top of the blanket on top of the heating blanket. Mommy tried to get us one but she found out it could ruin our bed and while it might be time according to the manufacturer to replace our bed it still works just fine so she will not get us one. If you can use this method make sure the heating blanket is under something else before your pet takes a nap or sleeps on it.

How to keep your dog warm in the winter Pajamos

This was their first pair of Pajamas. It also doubled as a Halloween Costume.

5. Wear Pajamos!
We love our pajamos and sometimes people even laugh at mommy or tell her dogs don’t need them but she laughs right back. She says that might not be the case if we lived in Tudor England when there was just the wind to keep you cool in the summer or the fire place and heated bricks to keep you warm in the winter and even then we were used to help keep people warm! That was one of our jobs back then feet warmers at home and lap warmers in the carriage! Pretty neat job, right?! Back then our owners would have worn many layers to keep warm and we probably were allowed to snuggle into them. For the big dogs they would have either been able to sleep near the fireplace or were in the barn and likely would have slept very close to the horses or if there were so many dogs they could have had their own are and with so many of them that is a lot of body heat to share and stay warm. It might also be the case for some dogs today but so many go to the groomer and have their fur shaved off! That messes with a dog’s ability to self regulate their temperature! Anyway back to our pajamos. We have what other dogs would probably consider Fall or Spring weight pajamas. They are just nice quality t-shirt material but they make us feel nice and cozy in the winter.

This post is part of the Keeping Your Pets Warm Collaborative Event hosted by Two Little Cavaliers! We hope that you will drop by and visit all of the other posts participating in this event. We are going to leave the linky open through Friday 1/23/15 in case you would like to join us. Please only link up a post if it talks about Keeping Pets Warm. Your post can be tips, tricks, ideas, DIY projects, Crafts, or anything that will help pets or feral animals stay warm during this really cold winter!

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  1. Dora the cat looks almost exactly like our cat, Cali !!
    Kathy recently posted..52 Week Snapshot Challenge, Week 3: Joyful #52Shapshots #PBSGMy Profile

  2. Great tips you two! Wilhelm only wears pajamas when we are camping but if he is cold in his crate at home, he has a couple of blankets he can burrow under. We also make cozy caves out of crates when traveling- fleece fabric or blankets are just the most useful things ever! I love finding large scraps on clearance.
    Bethany recently posted..Joyful Dogs, Sunshine And Seattle Seahawks Fans {52 Snapshots of Life Week 3}My Profile

  3. Sorry we missed this, we didn’t get the email when you posted it! Love Dolly
    Dolly the Doxie recently posted..And the Best Blog Award Goes to . . .My Profile

  4. You are lucky that your dogs snuggle in the blankets. BJ doesn’t. (He’s 15).
    How can I tell if BJ is cold? What would you suggest to keep him warm?
    He won’t put his leg through sleeve, so pajamas are out.
    BJ Pup recently posted..The Walk Your Dog Week ChallengeMy Profile

  5. Our fur babies sleep with us at night! We give them plenty of snuggles and they love sleeping under the covers! We always make sure they are warm!
    Dawn recently posted..Crepe Erase First ImpressionMy Profile

  6. My mom just bought me a self-warming bed. It keeps me warm.

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