How to Prepare Your Dog for the Holidays Part 2

How to Prepare Your Dog for the Holidays Part 2

Are you getting ready to deck the halls and trim the tree? If so, take a peek at these tips on how to prepare your dog for the holiday season. Seasonal décor is fun, but can pose a hazard to pets. Read these tips and find out how to keep them safe while keeping your home decorated at the same time.

Decorate with Your Dogs Safety In Mind This Holiday Season. How to Prepare Your Dog for the Holidays Part 2
This is post two of a three part series called How to Prepare Your Dog for the Holidays! We want you and your dog to be able to enjoy the Holidays instead of it being a time of stress. If you missed post 1 make sure to go back and check it out!

1. Avoid certain tree trimmings.
Tinsel and think ribbon or garland strands can pose an injury to dogs if they swallow it. Avoid using these items on your tree no matter how pretty you think they are. Even if you put it at the top, there is a chance it can fall and be ingested.

2. Enjoy a ribbon free holiday.
Avoid using ribbon on gifts or in home décor. It is too easy for a puppy to swallow the ribbon and the result can be deadly. Remove all ribbons from gifts before they come in the house as well.

3. Anchor your tree.
Make sure your tree is well anchored to the wall so there isn’t the chance of it falling on top of your pet. This is especially smart if you have a puppy who may try to pull at it.

4. Don’t use food items on your tree.
Resist the urge to decorate your tree with candy or popcorn. This will only get your dog more interested and can cause injury if they jump on the tree.

5. Be mindful of lights and sounds.
Avoid bright strobe like lights or fast twinkling lights as your pet may try to chase them. Loud noises should also be tested before bringing them indoors as they could cause stress.

Deck the halls and trim the tree this holiday season, just be smart about it. Give these tips a try and see what a difference they make. Want to know more about keeping your dog safe this holiday season?

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