Strawberry Freezer Pops Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Strawberry Freezer Pops Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Strawberry Freezer Pops

These simple pops are great to keep on hand during the winter. I know it seems weird to feed frozen food to your dog when it is so cold outside but that is the reason your dog needs help staying hydrated. When the weather dips and the heat gets turned out the house becomes much drier which means everyone living in the house needs to be more careful about drinking enough. With just two ingredients, you couldn’t feed your pet anything more basic. For added sweetness, a teaspoon of honey will go a long way, but most pets will find these sweet enough.Of course if you plan on sharing with your pet that is another story 😉

Strawberry Freezer Pops are full of vitamins and mineral that might be missing in your pet’s diet during the winter so making a batch and keeping them in the freezer is a great way to know you have a special and healthy treat on hand for your dog. Davinia and Indiana love strawberries. I really don’t like strawberries but I had some visitors that did so bought a box. When they left there was still some leftover so I decided to make them into treats for the dogs instead of wasting them. The girls loved them. Now it is a huge treat when they get strawberries!

1 quart strawberries, greens removed- can be frozen
2 cups water

Chop the strawberries as finely as possible by hand, or place them in a food processor and pulse until finely chopped.
Combine the chopped strawberries and water in a sauce pot and heat over medium heat.
Heat the strawberry mixture over medium heat approximately 30 minutes, or until the fruit has broken down, stirring occasionally.
Remove the mixture from the heat and allow it to cool completely.
Pour the mixture into plastic cups, leaving some room at the top. Freeze until the strawberry mixture has frozen.

Obviously you are not going to want to serve these outside in the winter like you would in the summer because even if it is not that cold outside it is cold enough to have the heat on. We suggest using a place mat under your dog. If your cups are larger you can allow your dog to lick the Strawberry Freezer Pops from the cup while you hold it. You could always have your dog eat their treat in an empty bathtub for easy clean up. If you don’t have anywhere appropriate for your dog to eat these indoors consider making strawberry freezer pops in an ice cube tray. Once they are frozen you can put them in plastic bag wrap with a towel and break the pieces into smaller chunks with a hammer.

If you think anyone in the house might want to share with your dog make a double batch and for the second batch add Popsicle sticks. Your children might like to “eat like the dog” by using their tongue but it would be much easier with a bit of help.

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  1. These just look perfect to me. If coming from someone else i would take it as weird but from you its something totally outstanding because the treats you suggested were loved by my Hud. Keep posting.
    Pet Care recently posted..SIGNS OF ILLNESS IN YOUR DOGMy Profile

  2. These look so cool. But i think before going to give it to my big friend i would have it myself. Strawberries are our always favorites.

  3. Great idea, definitely adding this to my Summer repertoire! Thanks!
    Cathy Armato recently posted..SEPIA SATURDAY: The Frog PrinceMy Profile

  4. This great idea can be applied to carrots and left over veg with any gravy that’s not been mopped up!

  5. Our dogs love ice cream especially peanut butter ice cream. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Merry Monday.


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