Is a Senior Dog Right For Me?

Is a Senior Dog Right For Me?

If you are looking for a new companion, a senior dog may have just the qualities you are looking for. Senior dogs can still offer a great deal of love, loyalty, and care to your family, and you may find they are easier than training a puppy from the start. Davinia and Indiana are both considered Senior Dogs and they have a lot of life left to live and adventures to have. A dog is considered a Senior from the age of 8 and depending on the breed you are not necessarily bringing home a geriatric dog or a dog looking for some love at the end of their life.

Is a Senior Dog Right For Me?

Is a Senior Dog Right For Me?

1. Is a Senior Dog Right for Me? Yes, if you are looking for a dog already house broken!
With a senior dog there is no worry of accidents or endless days of pad training. Senior dogs are typically house broken and already know how to use the yard. With a senior dog, you can skip the potty training step all together.There might be a few accidents in the beginning but it will not be the same as a young puppy.

2. Is a Senior Dog Right for Me? Yes if you are looking for a dog with a more even temperament.
Older dogs typically have much more mild temperaments. If you aren’t looking for a puppy that will want to wrestle and run all the time, an older dog may be ideal for you. Senior dogs still love easy strolls and play time, they just don’t require as much rough housing and active attention. Sitting with you while you read a book or cuddling next to the fire on a cool day is more their style.

3. Is a Senior Dog Right for Me? Yes if you are looking for a dog to cuddle with and have a peaceful and restful weekend together.
Senior dogs love to rest and relax. They will enjoy lots of cuddling, television time, and long naps with you. Sounds dreamy!

4. Is a Senior Dog Right For Me? Yes, if you are looking for a dog that isn’t going to eat your house.
Senior dogs are less likely to chew since they aren’t cutting new teeth. There is no need to worry about chewed up shoes, socks, and kid’s toys.

5. Is a Senior Dog Right For Me? Yes, if you are looking for lots of love! They will love you endlessly.
Senior dogs seem to know that they are no longer puppies and don’t need to pretend to be as independent. They are happy to cuddle and follow you around the house and yard instead of doing their own thing. They want to live their lives in peace and quiet, in a place that is safe and comforting with a few adventures mixed in once in a while. Should you provide them with this, they will no doubt love you endlessly!

What other reasons might a senior dog be the right match for someone looking to add a new dog to their family.

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  1. Senior dogs also seem to be a good match for senior people that want to stay active by walking a dog, but may not want to go jogging or have the energy to give to a younger, more active dog. I know my parents are thinking about getting another dog, but don’t really have the energy for a puppy.
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  2. Elaine +1 senior dog for senior people

  3. Senior dogs are wonderful, but if you are a really active person, it is hard to deal with a dog that can’t do as much anymore. We love my sister Katie, but it is hard because she can’t go on the real long walks anymore, can’t play chase with us, Mom has to walk her separately at a slow pace. We would do anything for her, but at this point in life, active dogs fit better…we are all aging and will all be seniors, but we can at least enjoy being real active as long as possible.
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