5 Ways You Can Help at Your Local Animal Shelter

5 Ways You Can Help at Your Local Animal Shelter

5 Ways You Can Help at Your Local Animal Shelter

Do you have a soft spot for dogs looking for their forever home? If so, you might be wondering how you can help. Animal shelters are always looking for volunteers, which is a great way to get your family active. Take a look at some ways that you can help at your local pet shelter, making a real difference to dogs in need.

1. Clean cages.
Cages are always needing to be cleaned. While this is not a pretty job, it is a necessary one. Consider putting on some gloves and scrubbing those cages clean. The animals will appreciate a tidy place to stay. You will likely only be doing a mid dayscrub as the chemicals they use to clean the cages every morning are not for volunteer use.

2. Wash the laundry.
Volunteer to take home pet bedding to wash. Animals love a clean and cozy blanket just as much as humans, so this is a great way to see that they get just that.

3. Offer to play with the animals.
Dogs need to be let out of their kennels and played with. It helps them stay lean and active. Volunteer to play with the dogs, walk them, play tug, catch, etc. They are sure to love it. This might seem selfish but it isn’t. The animals at the shelter need some attention and the staff love to be able to make that happen.

4. Offer to groom the animals.
Sometimes, dogs need a good brushing. Offer to brush and groom the dogs so they look great and feel more comfortable. Most shelters are so busy the staff doesn’t get to do this as often as they would like. By offering to groom even just using a brush at the animal shelter you are giving that dog or cat a better chance.

5. Donate your time at the desk.
Offer to work at the front desk answering phones or addressing letters. There is always office work to be done and donating your time to it will be appreciated. The staff is always looking for help answering the phone and welcomign people as they come into the animal shelter. With all of the animals they have to care for they are often busy doing other things. SO a friendly face at the front desk helps make visitors feel more welcomed.

If you want to help the homeless pets in your area, give these tips a try. They are so easy, and anyone can do them. Your local animal shelter is sure to appreciate your efforts and so will the pets you are helping!

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  1. I love seeing ways to help shelter animals!
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  2. Mom wanted to help out with dog walking, but the shelter near us closed, now it is a real long drive to the shelter, so we just donate money or supplies now and then.
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