How to Host a Dog Food Drive To Support Your Local Shelter

How to Host a Dog Food Drive

How to host a dog food drive to support your local shelter

Have you ever had the urge to help dogs in need? Maybe you wanted to help them, but just were not sure how. Well hosting a pet food drive is the perfect way to help dogs and the shelters who house them. A pet food drive is a great way to not only show support but shine a spotlight on your local shelters and rescues by gathering up food and feeding supplies to help those pups who are less fortunate, allowing the shelters and rescue centers to use their funds for things such as medical care. Here are some tips about how to host a dog food drive and help dogs in need.

How to Host a Dog Food Drive

1. Alert your audience.
Decide where you want your drive to be held and then alert your audience. Send out a Facebook invite, digital evites of some sort, or even distribute paper fliers to friends and family. Perhaps your donation center can be at a local church, gym, or even someone’s home. Choose the date and time and be sure to alert the audience you think would be interested in attending.

2. Create an “items needed” list.
Sometimes, people aren’t sure what to donate. Create a simple list the guests will have access to so they can see what is needed. Include food varieties for both large and small breed, special diet varieties, and even treat suggestions. Check with your shelter to see if they have any foods they specifically need as well as those they prefer not to feed their dogs.

3. Develop a storage system.
Have bags and boxes ready to collect the donations. You can even label them to keep them organized and so that they are easy to transport to the facility you are taking them to. Sort the items as they are dropped off for easy organization.

4. Make the event a fun one.
Make an actual event out of gathering the donations. instead of just dropping off the food see if local college kids want to come play music, have some simple snacks, and even see if local businesses want to donate products to the event. Make it a community effort and really get everyone involved. You can have raffle prizes, silent auctions, etc. to make the event more fun, memorable, and profitable.

5. Make your donation.
Once your items are collected, alert the center you are donating them to. They may come and pick them up at no cost, or will at least be ready and able to assist you in your drop off. Shelters often have dollies to move the food from your car or truck into their facility or can borrow one from a supporter or local business. Call ahead and let them know you have a big donation and will need help.

Once your donations are dropped off, the only thing to do is plan your next event. A blanket drive for the winter perhaps? Or a toy drive for Christmas in July? Either way, your donations will be appreciated by the pups and make their lives better in so many ways!

Have you ever run a Dog Food Drive? What tips do you have about how to host a dog food drive?

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