How to Keep Your Dog Safe in Cold Weather

How to Keep Your Dog Safe in Cold Weather

How to Keep Your Dog Safe in Cold Weather

The winter months are officially here, and you may already have snow and storms where you live. The cold weather can be beautiful to look at as it blankets snow across the landscape, but the truth is it can pose some serious health risks to your pet. If you live in an area that sees extremely cold temperatures, take a look below at some helpful tips for how to keep your dog safe in cold weather.

1. Add some layers.
If your dog will tolerate a sweater, have him wear one. This can be in the house, outdoors, or both. A sweater will add an extra layer and protect their skin and coat from the cold and dangerous elements. You don’t need anything pricey, in fact a simple dog sweater from your local discount store will do. If your dog doesn’t like wearing clothing or if you feel that dressing your dog is not the right option make sure there are lots of blankets your dog can cuddle up in. Since you are stuck inside with the weather why not make a DIY no sew dog blanket for your special family member.

2. Keep water fresh.
If your dog uses an outside water dish, it can be easy to forget about it. The cold weather may cause the water to freeze, leaving your dog outside with any fresh water to drink. Make sure you always keep an eye on water bowls in the winter months to be sure they stay fresh and never frozen. Also remember that the dry heat from your heating of choice is very drying and your dog will need more water. Here are 5 ways to get your dog to drink more water.

3. Protect those paws.
In extreme cold, the padding of your dog’s feet can stick to the ice and pavement and cause tears. Instead, invest in a pair of doggy booties to protect their feet instead. You can find these at most pet supply stores and they will do wonders at keeping your dog’s feet warm and dry.

4. Monitor icicles.
If you have icicles forming around your home, they could pose a danger to your pet. Falling ice can cause damage and injury to eyes and other sensitive spots, so be sure to take a broom and knock all of the icicles you can find down. This way, you don’t need to worry about one falling and potentially hurting your pet. If there is an area on your home that is not accessible to people or pets and falling icicles will not hurt anything consider leaving one or two. Little birds that are wintering in the area will drink the droplets from the iciciles as they begin to thaw.

5. Monitor the heating devices you use.
Cold weather means you may drag out an additional space heater or two. Space heaters keep everyone toasty, but can cause a hazard to your pet if they get too close. No matter what type of space heater you are using, be sure it is on a stable surface and not near anywhere your pet frequently travels. Here are some Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe Around the Fire Place

How to Keep Your Dog Safe in Cold Weather

The winter months can be harsh, but follow these tips and you can be sure your dog will stay not only warm but safe as well.

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  1. Katie and I have winter down, but it is all new to Bailie. This morning we have our first real cold spell and she doesn’t want to go out. She has to learn to go out in the cold and she is also unsure of where to go to the bathroom with the snow, so she has to learn that too. We will be watching her to make sure she doesn’t get to cold and she won’t be able to join us on our longer walks until she is older and has more fur.
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  2. Great advice!
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  4. My dog tolerates “clothes” but never liked booties! Any tips how I can “convince” him to wear it? The booties always ended up torn and thrown into bits when I put it on him.

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