500,000 Bowls of Food On Its Way To Pets In Need #ShakeItForward

500,000 Bowls of Food On Its Way To Pets In Need #ShakeItForward


Last month, IAMS Shakeables partnered with Andrew Grantham to give pet fans a treat, as well as help pets in need. For every video view and share of the hashtag, #ShakeItForward, IAMS donated 1 bowl of food to pets in select animal shelters across the country up to 250,000 bowls. They exceeded their 250,000 goal and were overwhelmed by the response from the animal loving community so instead of cutting things off and saying thank you we reached our goal. IAMS stepped up and siad because of your spirit and in honor of the holiday Season IAMS is going #ShakeItForward again and DOUBLED their pet food donation to 500,000 bowls. 500,000 bowls of food in now on its way to dogs and cats in shelters awaiting their forever home. 500,000 meals for dogs and cats that didn’t know where their next meal was going to come from because the truth is every single day is a struggle for shelter across the country to make ends meet and have enough food for the animals in their care.

Dogs are amazing.

They give us so much love and ask for so little in return. They are there to listen to us, cuddle with us, make us laugh, and make us smile.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Davinia and Indiana are no exception.
They are such special little dogs.
They are my alarm clock in the morning or the snooze button depending on the day because sometimes it is ok to sleep in.
They remind me it is time to take a break from work and get some fresh air outside.
Davinia and Indiana are there to tell me it is time to cuddle or take a nap.
They make sure I disconnect form the computer even for short periods of time and take in the scenery.
Davinia and Indiana remind me to always have enough blankets, pillows, and beds around the house so they can sleep as close to me as possible.
They remind me to make new friends and cherish old ones.
They remind me that it is important to greet each new day with a smile.

Davinia and Indiana are such special little dogs. They have been there for me through so much and we have overcome so much together.

In case you can’t see the talking animal video above here is a direct link to the IAMS #ShakeItForward Punk’d Puppy Video

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