Locked in the Animal Shelter Part 5 Kittens #rabunpaws4L

Locked in the Animal Shelter Part 5 Kittens

Foster Kittens Animal Shelter
Look who it is! It is our former foster kittens. There are still 4 left for adoption. The bigger Orange kitten has found her forever home already and hopefully is having great life. Meanwhile the other 4 are still here so I have gotten to spend some time with them. Since the shelter is so full of cats and kittens they are still in kitty quarantine until more space opens up in the general adoption room.

I have gotten to see our former foster kittens in about 2 weeks so it has been a while since they last saw me or smelled me but the second I walked into the room where they are they started climbing all over the cage to try and come out to play. I of course went over to say hello and even got to play with 2 of them so far tonight. First I played with Pocahontas (she is the kitty that we thought was a tabby but then turned into a calico as she got older.) She was happy and alert and ready to play. Then a few hours later I played with Aurora the kitten formerly known as Broom. Aurora is in a cage with Jasmine and Simba so it was a challenge getting just one out at a time. There were a few escaped kittens in the process. In case anyone doubted they know who I am anyone else can go up to the crate open it and do what they need to do without anyone escaping with me they come jumping out.

I really thought that Aurora would be adopted before her bigger sister but apparently not. All of the kittens are now completely on kitten food. It was just a game when they were with me that they couldn’t eat solid food because the second I dropped them off and they were situated in their crate here at the shelter the kittens all started eating the dry kitten food in there with them. This was after rejecting the salmon that I was begging them to eat.

They are now all alert, happy, playful, and looking for a few new friends to spend their life with. I made the decision that none of them were going to stay with us because if one did I wouldn’t be able to foster another litter of kittens because I would be worried that they could bring a disease into the house and get my kitten sick. So these kittens are all looking for homes. The big news is that since the shelter is overrun by kittens their adoption fee is $9. You still need to go through the full adoption process before you can take a kitten home but they would rather kittens go to homes then stay in the shelter.

For now the kittens are also locked in the animal shelter but are hoping to find a family to take them home and love them. Oh and my former foster kittens are dog friendly. They loved to cuddle with Davinia and even tried to nurse from her a few times. I don’t know about big dogs but they are happy to live with small dogs. They also have no problem with traveling so if you want a kitty that can travel with you these are the kittens for you.

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