How to Get Rid of Ant Beds with Grits

How to Get Rid of Ant Beds with Grits

Perfect solution to your annoying ant problem. Feed your ants some good old southern grits and watch them disappear.

How to Get Rid of Ant Beds

Ant beds can cause a problem in your yard. They can take away the fun of playing in the yard, make it hard to garden, and leave you and your pets itchy and uncomfortable. I know for myself that I prefer not to use any sort of chemical on or near my dogs that I don’t absolutely have to. So finding a solution that will teach me how to get rid of ant beds was a priority, If you are looking for a natural way to treat ant beds in your yard, look no further than your kitchen!

You can get rid of any ant beds in your yard using grits! Yes good old fashioned Souther Grits. No Southern Grandma needed either!

How to get rid of ant beds

Look in your pantry or head out to the Grocery Store and pick up a box of Grits. You can pick up grits at your local retailer for around $1.00 per box. If there are multiple options, go for the cheaper box. Name Brands and prices will not matter since you are not using them in the kitchen for a meal and the ants really will not care because they are getting a free meal left directly on top of their house. Just be sure that they are not instant grits – the kind that you would make in the microwave because those will not work as well. To kill off the ants you don’t even need to cook the grits! You actually need to keep the grits dry. You will need approximately ¼ of a cup per ant bed. For larger ant beds, you may need to use a little more. Use your best judgment on bigger beds but be sure not to use too much! You only need a fine layer sprinkled over any ant bed regardless of the size because the ants will carry the new found food directly into their ant hill and chow down. Once the ants eat this tasty treat they will get very thirsty and just like when we eat grains and then drink a nice tall glass of water our stomachs get full and expand. Well so will those pesky ants.

1. Decide How Much Grits – Using the above information, decide how much grits you will need to treat the ant beds in your yard.
2. Get the Grits Ready – After you have decided how much grits you will need, it is easier to put them all together. You can put your amount of grits into a Ziplock bag or a large bowl. Be sure that the grits are still dry and have not gotten wet.
3. Grab a Measuring Cup – As you get ready to head outside, be sure that you have a ¼ cup measuring cup. This will help you be sure to use the right amount on each ant bed and not be wasteful! At each ant bed, measure out the correct amount and pour into your hand.
4. Coat the Ant Bed – As you get to each ant bed, you will want to be sure to coat the ant bed to ensure that the grits do their job. Sprinkle the grits across the top of the ant bed and around the base. Do not put an excessive amount on the ant bed; just be sure that there is a fine layer sprinkled across the ant bed.
5. Repeat – Repeat the process with each ant bed in your yard. You can repeat the process as often as needed. This applies for new ant beds that appear in your yard as well.

Grits are safe to use around dogs and cats as well as children so you don’t have to worry about anything drying or trying to keep your children or nosy dogs away fromthe treated area. The grits should start working immediately and within 24 hours you will begin to notice less ants. Keep an eye on the are and if necessary invite the ants to feast again.

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  1. Lauralee Hensley says

    Wish I had known this a couple days ago. Spent about $14 getting some ant killer, they are swarming big time out of a hole around here, well not so much now since the treatment. Yet we are keeping the dogs away from that spot. Thanks for the info about not using instant grits, but rather the long cooking 20 minute type.

  2. We are going to try this! This has been the worse year for ants. Ma has resorted to borax acid around the foundation of the house. We never go near those areas . Thank you for the tip. We will get the correct grits tomorrow at the grocery.
    Carma Poodale recently posted..Tuesday’s Tails- Gremlin the Bulldog Needs a HomeMy Profile

  3. Who would have thought! Don’t think we can get grits up north here but we don’t have an ant problem at the moment. Great idea, though!
    emma recently posted..Who Likes Music? | GBGV | Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  4. I had no idea!!! But really, what an excellent and economical solution!! I am going to try this. If it works, I may have to take some camping to help rid the campsite of ant beds as well (especially since it is environmentally friendly). Thanks!
    Oz the Terrier recently posted..Called Back from the WildMy Profile

  5. Instant grits works wonders for me. I’ve been using that since the mid 90s in Texas. Now I’m in California and putting it to the test. One thing that also worked here is yellow corn meal. That takes a few more applications but it works.

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  7. Garret Levan says

    Good blog post. I absolutely appreciate this site. Keep writing!


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