Help Lock Us in a Shelter for the Night!

Yes you read that right.

Help Lock Us in a Shelter for the Night!

Our local Shelter Rabun Paws 4 Lifethe one we raised the kittens for is in desperate need of Food to feed the animals. Instead of plain old begging they challenged their community that if they could raise 75 bags of food for the animals the Shelter Director and the Intake Coordinator would spend the night locked at the shelter with the animals. Over the course of the month they realized they needed to up the ante and so at 100 bags they will be eating out of the dog food bowls. At 125 they will spend the night in a kennel with the dogs. Because the shelter often shares resources with the shelter from the neighboring county the Director of that facility has said that at 150 bags she would drive up and get locked in the shelter as well.

If I can help them get to 175 Bags of food which might last them through Thanksgiving I will get locked int he shelter and live Blog my experience including sleeping in the kennel with one of the dogs and eating out of a dog bowl.

Truth be told they do not think they will even break the 100 bag mark. They currently as of typing this are at 70 bags of food with 6 days left. That is where I come in. They don’t know it but I am currently sitting on 10 bags of food. Ok not really but I have coupons for 7 of the biggest bags of food one brand sells and then another 3 bags of whatever they would like that the store carries. Plus I have done some reaching out to Pet Food Brands directly to try and make this happen.

But I still need your help! You can purchase a bag of food (must be 10lbs or more) through any online discount vendor of your choosing and have them ship it direct. Some of the discount places also offer free shipping.

I asked if they could share the breakdown of how much food they go through a week so that I could share just how important having enough food in reserve is:
782 pounds a week for adult dogs
182 pounds a week for puppies
73 pounds per week for cats
73 pounds per week for kittens

That means they use on average 1,110lbs of food per week. So really if they raise 100 bags of food and they are all giant bags (we know they aren’t all 40+lbs bags) they could still go through them in a month. That is crazy! The scarier part is that if they don’t get the food donated they need to go out and purchase it themselves which means that comes out of their budget and they need to fund raise even more for things like spay / neuter, vaccinations, medication, vet care, surgery.

Rabun Paws 4 Life Food Drive

Amazon Native Ads – Pet Supplies


  1. Nena Sinclair says

    What a great way to raise the money for pet food for shelters! I hope they make their goal!

  2. What a great thing! Sharing!
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  3. A package is on it’s way . FedEX tracking number 074483615048646.

  4. shared this post
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  5. Interesting way to raise awareness of the most basic need of any shelter. I wish you a world of success with it!
    Connie recently posted..Kitten PictsMy Profile

  6. Jessica Sala-Bonin says

    What a cool/great idea!

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