Stock the Animal Shelter 6 Different Treats Under $7

Stock the Animal Shelter 6 Different Treats Under $7

We clearly had a little snafu yesterday and were supposed to bring you another addition of Simple Ways You Can Help Your Local Animal Shelter. Let’s just say I knew it was Thursday all day yesterday and completely forgot until this morning. Instead of skipping this week completely I took to the web to find you some more great deals to help you continue picking up a few small items here or there and then at the end of a month or the end of a few months go to your local shelter armed with a box full of goodies. This week we are focusing on treats because well it was easier to focus on one items instead of a combination of different ones.

As most of my regular readers know I work part time for BlogPaws. BlogPaws is owned by Pet360 and Pet Food Direct is one of their online direct delivery food companies so I figured I would show them a little love this week. While visiting the site I found out they offer a rewards program that helps to benefit shelter animals. How cool is that by purchasing a few items for shelter animals they will turn around and send food to a shelter on their list! To me that was all the more reason to create my list from their site today. You get 15 points for signing up and then each purchase is worth points, your first order is worth points, if you choose to sign up for AutoShip that is points and pretty soon you will be at the 150 point mark and a meal will be sent to a hungry shelter dog. So lets all Stock the Animal Shelter with today’s deals 6 different flavors of treats all under $7. I wanted to keep it under $5 but the last one on the list is an Limited Ingredient Treat and sometimes there are dogs at the shelter that need special diets and then don’t get any treats so I had to include it.

Stock the Animal Shelter

Stock the Animal Shelter 6 Different Treats Under $7

I bet there are a few of you who would love this combination for their own dinner tonight! These treats are said to be the perfect healthy snack for any dog, anytime, from puppies to adults and helps support healthy skin and shiny coat. Which would help make the dogs look healthier to a potential adopter! Natural Balance Healthy Bones Lamb, Quinoa & Carrots Dog Treats

Hill’s Prescription Diet© Canine Treats is the perfect compliment to many of the special formulas in the Hill’s Prescription Diet© line. Low in phosphorus, sodium, protein, and calories, Hill’s Prescription Diet© Canine Treats helps to maintain fit kidneys and heart as well as a healthy body condition. Sounds like it makes a great treat for all the dogs in the shelter to keep their tummies happy while they wait for adoption. Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine Treats

These soft and moist snacks are made from natural ingredients, with chicken as the number one ingredient! They come in a mini size, making these cheesy treats for dogs great for training at the Animal Shelter! What adopter wouldn’t want a dog that can already sit, heel, and down on command. Nootie YumZies All Natural Grain Free Cheese Flavor Dog Treats

Made in the USA, these tasty peanut buttery snacks are grain free and contain beneficial omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. As a training treat these would be a giant hit at the animal shelter! Nootie YumZies All Natural Grain Free Peanut Butter Flavor Dog Treats

Did someone say Bacon?! These bacon flavor treats have all of te benefits of the other two from this brand but also boasts a bacon flavor that will sap the will power of even the most stubborn shelter pup. Nootie YumZies All Natural Grain Free Hickory Bacon Flavor Dog Treats

Darford Zero/G Sardine and Whitefish All Natural Dog Treats are saltwater fish treats carefully crafted for dogs with certain food allergies. Combined with a potato free, nutrient packed carbohydrate blend of buckwheat and peas, these All Natural Dog Treats are made with certified organic ingredients including sardines and salmon! Just one more way to spoil those shelter pups while they await their forever homes! Darford Zero/G Sardine & Whitefish All Natural Dog Treat

Don’t forget to sign up for the PFDRewards so that when you make a purchase to help stock the animal shelter you gain points to help get food sent to a shelter as well!

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends so that they too can begin to create a box of goodies for their local animal shelter!

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