How to Help Animals in Need

How to Help Animals in Need

How to Help Animals in Need

If you are an animal lover, chances are your pets are very well loved and perhaps a tad bit spoiled. They probably have all of the toys, treats, healthy food, and fresh water they can ask for. However as you know, not all animals are as lucky. Many times, animals fall on hard times, either because they are part of a family who can no longer take care of them or because they never had a family to begin with. And while this is quite sad, the good news is there is something you can do about it! Take a look below at how you can help animals in need. Whether you have your money or time to give, there are many ways both big and small to help furry friends who are less fortunate than your own pets. Take a peek and learn how to help animals in need!

How to Help Animals in Need:

1. Shop pet product sales.
If you see a hot deal on cat treats, litter, dog chews or food, stock up and donate the items to your local animal shelter. Many times you can find high value coupons (including free item coupons) in your Sunday paper, so when you do snip them out and carry them with you. That way, when you find a super deal, you can stock up and donate.

2. Browse around your house.
For what you might ask? Well, how about for blankets, bowls, and towels for starters? Animal rescue centers and adoption agencies are always looking for towels, blankets, and bowls. If you have any you no longer use and can part with, give them a good wash and take them to your nearest pet rescue agency. They will appreciate it!

3. Donate your time.
Perhaps you can’t afford to buy food or treats to donate. No worries. Instead, why not donate your time? Pet rescue centers are always looking for volunteers to help with cleaning cages, feeding animals, walking them, bathing them, or even just petting and playing with them. Just call and ask how you can help.

4. Donate your talents.
Are you a skilled quilt maker or baker? Do you have impeccable office skills? Why not donate your talents to local animal rescue agencies? If you are a skilled crafter, see if the agency holds any fundraisers during the year where they may need donations. If you have office management skills, see if the agency can use your help answering phones or mailing fliers an hour or two a week. Do you have a good quality camera? Even if you don’t have any special camera skills by photographing the animals at the shelter so that they can use those pictures to help promote adoptions more animals will find forever homes.

5. Befriend an elderly pet owner.
Many times, elderly persons own pets for companionship. While they mean well, they may not be able to do some of the more physical tasks the pet needs and deserves. Befriend an elderly pet owner and assist with baths and walks to make sure the pet is happy and healthy. Often an elderly pet owner needs help grooming their pet or physically driving their dog to the vet on a regular basis. Offer to help your neighbor will appreciate it.

6. Donate to your local Shelter or Rescue
Most local Shelters or Rescues will be well known within your community and they are always in need of any help you can offer them. Bags of food, cat litter, and training treats are always in need. So are cleaning supplies like wash clothes and paper towels. They probably could use copy paper, toilet paper for the staff, scented candles, even an old microwave might be a welcome addition to their break room. They count on donations from animal lovers willing to help.

7. Support animal friendly companies.
Be a smart consumer and support companies who donate to wildlife efforts, animal rescue agencies, and who don’t test on animals. While it takes a little work to find this information, it is well worth knowing.

See how simple it is to help animals in need!

Now ask yourself, which one of these ideas will you choose? There are so many great ways to help and everyone has something to offer. Help an animal in need and you not only will feel great, but it will make a huge difference in the life of a needy pet.

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  1. Jessica Sala says

    We make a monthly supply donation to our local shelter (papers, towels, blankets, paper towels, shampoo, bones, etc). We also volunteer as dog walkers 🙂

  2. Two French Bulldogs says

    Good ideas
    Benny & Lily

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