Frogs are Poisonous to Dogs

Frogs are Poisonous to Dogs

5 Tips for Keeping Your Yard Frog Free

Frog are Poisonous to Dogs 5 Tips for Keeping your yard Frog free

If you follow our blog on Facebook you know that Frogs are the bane of my existence. It is not even one week into Spring weather and guess what a frog jumped up at Davinia last night on our last potty walk of the night. Of course it jumped up directly under her so she grabbed it. She dropped it but then Indiana picked it up. I actually did not know that Indiana had it because it was so small but then she dropped it when we got inside. So two dogs foaming at the mouth from frogs. Needless to say frogs produce a chemical that is poisonous to dogs and other animals when they try to eat one.

Whenever the dogs get a frog either they drop it or I somehow manage to get Indiana to open her mouth and out hops or flops the frog. I immediately rush them inside or you could rush your dog to a garden hose and wash their mouth out. I will literally put my hands in their mouth and pull any foam I can find out. I continue to wash their mouths until they feel clean. This will help get the toxin out before they can ingest much. If they still look a little froggy or their heads are twitching you will want to wash their mouths out more. If your dog actually eats the frog you will want to call your emergency vet for information on using hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting.

I am completely convinced that the dogs don’t mean to snatch up the frogs. They don’t do anything then the frog sits there like a little statue it is not until the frog literally hops up at them do they do anything. I live in an area that is going to have frogs for the next few months and I cannot continue to wash frog foam out of their mouths every night so I did some research and found ways to keep the frogs away from the area where I let the dogs potty at night. I don’t want to kill the frogs they do eat bugs I just don’t want them to be an issue for the dogs. I also don’t want to use anything toxic to keep them away because the dogs will be sniffing around and the cat plays outside during the day.

Frogs are Poisonous to Dogs. How to keep frogs out of your yard without using toxic chemicals

1. Frogs generally come out when it is dark out and they are not at danger of loosing moisture. The days are getting longer so we will walk before the sky is pitch black.

2. I found out frogs do not like the smell of citric acid because it burns them. I plan on going to the store and buying a few lemons and making lemon water and spraying it on the ground around the area I want to be able to walk the dogs. Supposedly this lasts for up to a month but I think during rainy season it would be best to apply at least weekly.

3. Coffee Grounds are a complete turn off for frogs. I happen to know a few people that drink coffee and even if I didn’t I can manage to brew a pot every week or two to keep the frogs away. Plus coffee grounds are great for your garden so your plants and grass will thank you. You will want to mix them with dirt so that your dog doesn’t try to eat them but the caffeine is supposed to keep the frogs away.

4. If you have any sort of standing water on your property either dump it out and turn over the container or add some sort of filtration device to ponds. Frogs lay eggs in stagnant water. If the water is moving they will also move along.

5. Don’t over water. Frogs like moisture and will burrow under leaves and dirt to find shade during the day. If the area is dry they will look for a more frog friendly place to hang out.

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  1. Great information! I had no idea that frogs were poisionous to dogs and we live near a few rivers. I will keep a look out for them! Thank you.
    Carol recently posted..Hot Sheba Cat Food with B1G1 Coupon & Scenarios!My Profile

  2. I think this is such a great information. Many of us dont know about this.

  3. Thanks for this info, Felissa. I never knew about dangers of frogs to dogs! I do now.
    Carol Bryant recently posted..Special Announcement for Dog LoversMy Profile

  4. Wow!! I had no idea that frogs are toxic to dogs! Thank you for letting us know about this important bit of info!

  5. Brutus Duffy says

    Thanks for the tips! I have 3 dogs, and Brutus the Boxer will eat a frog if he sees one.

  6. I did not know that! Great tips – I pinned it and shared it on twitter! Thanks for sharing it at LWSL this week!
    Ruth@LivingWellSpendingLess recently posted..Beachy Mermaid PartyMy Profile

  7. Vlad & Barkly's Dee says

    I’ve been feeding our coffee grounds to a few of our flowering bushes that like acidic conditions, but I think now I’ll start spreading some around the yard where we walk. I can’t get rid of the creek where they’re multiplying constantly, but I can make sure they don’t want to cross the creek into our yard where we walk them. I just might soak the grounds in lemon juice and turn both steps into one.

    Thank you SO much for this information! Keeping Barkly from trying to catch the frogs is one of the banes of our existence every night.

  8. I am glad that you shared this information. Personally, I had no idea that dogs are allergic to frogs. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have seen other people’s dogs “play” with frogs and no one seemed the least bit worried about this. I will make sure to spread the word now.

    Oh, and I love coffee enough for both of us. If I am ever your way, we should have coffee together, so I can donate to your coffee grounds fund, lol. 😀
    Dawn recently posted..From Achy Joints To Playing In The Yard: Hilo’s Story #sponsored #HillsPetMy Profile

  9. I didn’t know any of these tips for creating a frog free environment. Thanks!


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